Ford Bronco Sport on 35s


The Bronco Sport offers impressive cargo space and a high ceiling when the second row is folded down, as well as a rubberized load floor and rear under-seat storage cubbies for convenient organization.

The engine is powerful enough for off-road driving and allows the use of intelligent traction modes, but the brake pedal lacks feel and response, while transmission shifts can be abrupt in rough terrain.

What Size Tires Can I Run on a Bronco Sport?

Selecting the appropriate tires for your 2021 Ford Bronco Sport can have a dramatic impact on its performance. Depending on how you intend to use your Bronco, choosing tires with either excellent off-road traction or smoother ride for long-distance driving may be essential – there are all-terrain tires designed specifically for rugged terrain as well as mud tires designed to navigate muddy trails that could help improve its performance.

When selecting tires for your Bronco, the first consideration should be your intended driving activity. If you want to explore rugged trails such as rock crawling or off-roading excursions, tough and durable treaded tires that can withstand punctures without getting stuck can be essential – however, if weekend off-road excursions are your primary focus, then more comfortable tires that allow occasional highway driving may suffice better.

One of the many great things about the 6th Generation Ford Bronco is its factory capacity for up to 35-inch tires, including those purchased through dealerships as part of its Sasquatch Package – more significant than anything offered on Wranglers by Jeep! This makes the Sasquatch Package an excellent option for rough terrain adventures.

Without installing a lift, running larger tires on a stock Bronco Sport is definitely possible, though you will require some trimming work. Front rock sliders should be removed and their plastic trim trimmed off in order to accommodate for full suspension travel; similarly, rear bumper trim must be done, or new sliders should be added, as well as trimming the crash bar inserts (if applicable).

Some early Bronco owners have managed to fit 37-inch tires on their early Broncos with minimal modification required, such as having solid axles with radius arms up front, leaf springs at the rear, and 2-inch leveling kits or body lifts installed. While some people have modified their suspension to accommodate such large tires, others opt for one-ton axles instead.

Late-model Bronco owners will have more success fitting larger tires thanks to its wider wheel opening. Alphaequipt has developed a 17×7.5 wheel that accommodates 35-inch tires without issue; they suggest running BF Goodrich KM3 tires in this application; these might not offer as much traction and clearance as what people run on Ranger Raptors, but they still make for great off-roading tires with plenty of traction and clearance capabilities.

What Size Tires Can I Run on a Bronco Sport Without a Lift?

Bronco Sport fender openings are generous enough to allow for 35-inch tall tires without needing additional lift kits, making the base model attractive to many buyers who wish to add larger tires without requiring extra work or modifications to install different lift kits. That is really remarkable!

When selecting new tires for your Bronco Sport, several considerations need to be kept in mind when choosing them. First of all, they must match up well with both your driving style and terrain conditions while considering wheel offset, which may also have an effect. A larger negative balance increases your likelihood of wheels rubbing against fenders when turning, especially on rough trails.

A general guideline for selecting tire sizes is to go for something smaller than the stock 205/65R17 tires; this will reduce the risk of rubbing while improving off-road handling and traction. Furthermore, keep your rig’s stance in mind; an aggressive stance may require extra trimming work and result in reduced ride quality.

The Ford Bronco Sport SUV is an accomplished off-roader thanks to its impressive power and intelligent traction control system. This compact crossover can reach 60 mph in just 7.2 seconds – one of the fastest compact crossovers on the market! Additionally, its Terrain Management System helps it tackle various off-road obstacles and conditions efficiently.

This system enables drivers to choose from various “G.O.A.T.” modes that alter throttle response, transmission shift points, all-wheel drive, and traction/stability control calibrations for maximum customization on challenging off-road trails. This makes the Bronco Sport an excellent option for off-road enthusiasts.

Ford also improved the maneuverability of its new Bronco Sport with wider tracks and revised front and rear suspension systems, along with more ergonomic interior components for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

While the new Bronco Sport is a more capable off-roader than its predecessor, it doesn’t provide as much comfort as rivals such as Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-5. Its suspension, tuned for dirt and rocks, can give a bumpy ride across uneven road surfaces and highway driving with wind noise and jerky steering; furthermore, its upright design means fuel economy suffers due to wind noise. Meanwhile, its 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine produces only 185 horsepower; however, it still manages an estimated 26 MPG mixed driving.

What Size Tires Can I Run on a Bronco Sport With a Lift?

One of the most significant upgrades for any full-size 4×4 truck is fitting larger tires. Holding larger tires to your Bronco will not only make it appear more aggressive but also improve handling by increasing ground clearance and offering more excellent traction on off-road terrain. However, depending on its age and suspension setup, this task can prove challenging; thankfully, there are various lifting solutions available to lift newer Ford Bronco sports models in order to accommodate larger tires.

Early Broncos were outfitted with a Dana 44 solid front axle and leaf spring rear axle, making them easier to lift with leveling kits or body lifts and accommodating tires up to 31 inches in diameter without issue. If you want something even taller, companies like 4WP Factory offer lift kits capable of supporting up to 37-inch tall tires on your Bronco.

ReadyLIFT SST lift kits provide another means of raising a newer Bronco. These kits were explicitly created for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco Sport, providing 1.5 inches front and rear lift. Not only does this increase ground clearance for larger tires, but it can also enhance the handling and ride quality of your vehicle.

If you want something even more significant than 35s, many have successfully installed 38s without making substantial modifications. Doug Brown uses 255/75R16 BFGoodrich KM2s on his Ford and says they protrude about 1 inch out the front without rubbing against anything.

Conversely, some have reported experiencing front fender rub when running 35s on their vehicles. Therefore, you must research all available lift options to find one that meets the requirements of your specific vehicle.

Suppose you want to run larger tires on your Bronco. In that case, upgrading its suspension and possibly regearing its differentials will increase off-road performance and enable you to tackle more challenging trails. If your Bronco is intended to do little rock crawling, it may be more cost-effective to install smaller tires with suspension kits that provide enough ground clearance for off-roading. Make sure to budget for any modifications that might be necessary in order to safely run a larger tire on your vehicle, such as installing a front bumper to support its weight and a rear bumper to hold your spare tire.

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