A Browning 725 Sporting Review


Browning’s latest adaptation of Citori over-and-under shotguns, the 725 sporting, offers significant enhancements over existing models like 625 and 525 sporting, such as its smaller receiver profile.

The new 725 also boasts a mechanical trigger with FireLite technology to facilitate lighter pull weights.


Looking at the Browning 725 sporting review, it is clear that much thought went into its design. This over-and-under shotgun represents an outstanding improvement over previous models with improved trigger quality, responsiveness, and wood quality, as well as being lighter with increased capacity, making it perfect for sporting clays. Furthermore, this model comes equipped with Invector DS factory choke tubes as well as the innovative mechanical FireLite trigger.

Browning’s over-and-under design differs slightly from traditional firearms in that its action is both narrower and lower. They reduced depth by less than one-third inch without compromising durability; instead, the tapered locking bolt engages full-width hinge pins for even greater reliability.

Other changes make the 725 an even better shotgun than its predecessors, including porting and an aggressive profile on its barrels to reduce weight and balance issues and allow instinct to take over for quicker shots. It also features an innovative mechanical FireLite trigger with shorter pull and no creep, all features that contribute to making this gun an excellent one-man musket!

Browning made adjustments to both its action and barrels, as well as to its stock and sights. These upgrades include palm swell and length of pull adjustments that enable users to customize their gun according to personal tastes, interchangeable barrel weights for changing balance points between 20mm in front of and 10mm behind the hinge pin, palm swell adjustable stock with palm swell feature for customization of the gun.

This gun features an Invector-DS choke system designed to deliver more accurate shots than other chokes available on the market. This choke features a brass sealing ring to prevent gas leakage between barrel walls and the choke. It also features a longer, more tapered choke tube that makes getting into tight patterns simpler.


Citori’s over-and-under shotgun line has seen numerous updates over time, but the 725 Sporting is genuinely revolutionary. It is not necessarily groundbreaking in terms of features or functionality, but it is an upgrade that will draw bird hunters as well as target shooters into gun shops to test it out.

At first glance, the 725 Sporting’s forged steel receiver is significantly lighter and smaller than previous Citori models, yet more durable to withstand years of hitting clay targets. Also unique to it are its full-width hinge pins as opposed to narrow tapered pins often seen on low profile over and under.

Browning’s FireLite technology for lighter pull weights also represents a change in trigger action that might go unnoticed by casual observers; however, its effect can be dramatic for shooters unfamiliar with such light-feeling guns.

The trigger assembly has also been revised to provide better ergonomics for left-handed shooters. Featuring a shorter lever knob that is canted rearward for more effortless operation by those with left-handed grips, as well as a rounded front bead to help them maintain focus while shooting, the design ensures more comfortable use by lefties.

Other modifications include a more extended forend for improved handling, five Invector-DS tubes instead of the standard three, palm swell on the pistol grip, green light pipe front bead (Hi-Viz), plainer engraving style with gold accents, and mechanical trigger. All these modifications result in a 7-3/4-lb shotgun which weighs slightly more than traditional Browning Field Sporting Grade VII, but this additional weight comes from more wood (longer length of pull and palm swell), thicker Inflex recoil pad thickness, and broader rib.

Triple Trigger System stands out as an invaluable addition. Shooters can adjust the length of pull by up to 4mm for optimal shooting experience.


As is often the case, altering an established classic can be risky business. Yet Browning has taken steps with their Citori over/under to enhance an already outstanding gun even further with their 725 model.

The 725 features an entirely different trigger assembly than previous Citoris rifles; instead of using inertia triggers – where recoil from each shot would start another barrel’s firing pin – as was commonplace previously, using mechanical FireLite triggers which provide an accessible and responsive shooting experience that’s very quiet – perfect for close quarters shooting environments.

Balance is another area where there have been significant improvements. The new receiver sits lower, which makes the gun feel more balanced in your hands and on your shoulder while shooting – adding an extra element to make the 725 feel more natural and part of you while shooting.

The 725 Sporting is packed with all of the features one would expect in a modern Browning over/under, including an Inflex II recoil pad, Vector-Pro forcing cones, well-figured oil-finished grade III walnut stock with palm swell, five extended Invector DS choke tubes and weighing approximately 7-3/4 pounds as supplied – slightly heavier than its 7lb counterpart 725 Field which we reviewed previously.

At our test range, the 725 Sporting performed superbly. We fired an array of shot sizes and types into it, and it handled them all flawlessly. Its ported barrels allowed heavier shot loads without overextending its normal working range, while its shorter barrels helped balance and pointability.

The mechanical trigger on this Browning over/under is a significant upgrade over its traditional inertia system, and its balance is much more comfortable to shoot. Overall, the 725 is an outstanding upgrade on an age-old classic; consider it when looking for your next shotgun; you won’t be disappointed. Excellent choice for anyone from novice shooters to veteran experts, as its customizable nature ensures it fits you perfectly no matter who you are!


Browning 725 Sporting offers more than just excellent over/under shotgun capabilities; it also allows for extensive customization options. These include multiple barrel and choke tube configurations that can be fitted for optimal shooting experience and numerous sights to help hit your target more precisely.

The new 725 is engineered to be an unparalleled shooting machine, and it delivers on this promise in every respect. The lower receiver offers more natural handling while its improved action features high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials crafted by its tapered locking bolt, which engages full-width tapered recesses on rear barrel lugs for full-width tapered locking bolt engagements with robust hinge pins extending from both sides of the receiver for lasting action durability under repeated firings. This design ensures that this action never wears out through repeated firing sessions – ever!

Browning FireLite rifles offer superior balance and ergonomics for competitive shooters thanks to their adjustable comb and butt pad, which provide custom fits, making shooting more precise. Their ported vents minimize muzzle jump and recoil for easier follow-up shots, and their mechanical trigger with reduced pull weight offers a superior feel with each pull weight setting.

The gun’s silver nitride finish and high-relief engraving honor its sporting purpose, featuring images of pheasants jumping right-side up and ducks nestling nestling left-side up, both nestled amid borders of scrolls. Furthermore, gold-accented hammers and firing pins add elegance.

The Browning 725 Golden Clays is the ideal gun for shooters who prioritize both beauty and performance. Crafted with exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous engineering, its stunning beauty stands as a testament to Browning’s relentless pursuit of perfection – both artistically and mechanically. Specifically designed with clay competition in mind, its impeccable balance, superior engineering mechanics, advanced FireLite mechanical trigger, and ported vents for reduced recoil and muzzle rise make this shotgun unmatched in terms of its performance – it truly represents perfection embodied. Its sophisticated styling stands as proof of Browning’s unyielding pursuit of perfection, while its complex beauty truly means the relentless pursuit of perfection! Combined, its unique Golden Clays edition makes a fantastic combination of shooting finesse with artistic expression!

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