Protect Your Eyes With Solar Comfort Sunglasses


Be safe from UV rays with these stylish sunglasses featuring modern-rectangle frames. Super lightweight, they provide adequate UV protection without adding too much weight to your face or being cumbersome.

These wrap-around sunglasses are an excellent solution for emmetropes, contact lens wearers, younger patients, and hip seniors. Their polarized gray filters help enhance contrast while decreasing intraocular glare.


Polarized solar comfort sunglasses are essential for outdoor activities as they reduce eye strain and discomfort caused by bright sunlight. Furthermore, sunglasses help shield eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which have been linked to cataracts, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. They also enhance contrast so details are easier to see under bright light conditions.

Polarized lenses differ from non-polarized ones in how they handle glare. When sunlight bounces off of surfaces like snow or water, its vibrations cause multiple directions of vibrations; with polarized sunglasses, however, only vibrations occur in one order – significantly reducing glare while increasing visibility.

Polarized lenses come in two varieties: linear and circular. Linear polarized lenses contain parallel lines running at right angles across them, while circular ones feature concentric circles. Polarized sunglasses are popular among fishermen and boaters as they reduce glare from water surfaces; however, they’re also helpful for anyone spending extensive amounts of time outdoors.

Polarized sunglasses can also help to reduce glare seen on LCDs, making reading these displays on electronic devices like laptop computers and smartphones much more difficult. Polarized lenses help eliminate this glare when using such devices while driving or working on water surfaces, especially useful during such activities as driving or working offshore.

Solar Shield Sunglasses, explicitly designed to be worn “wear-alone” rather than over prescription glasses, make an excellent option for emmetropes, contact lens wearers, younger patients, and hip seniors alike. Their flexible, lightweight frames feature five lens tints: gray polarization, yellow, amber-orange, and plum. Perfect for outdoor activities!

These wrap-around sunglasses are an ideal choice for active patients as they are both lightweight and secure in fit. Their durable black frame with smoke lenses provides ample light transmission while an added top bar deflects indirect lighting – they look equally fashionable whether worn with sports attire or casual jeans!


Wraparound solar comfort sunglasses provide your eyes with protection from harmful sun rays. Available in an array of frame shapes and lens sizes to meet any style preference – some boast sporty frames perfect for outdoor activities, while others feature sleek designs ideal for everyday wear.

Comfort is key when selecting wraparound prescription sunglasses, with snug fits hugging the sides and bridge of your nose to shield your eyes from windy conditions. Many styles even provide a back strap to keep glasses secure during vigorous activities.

Solar comfort sunglasses feature lightweight yet durable frames designed to offer 100% UVA-UVB lens protection and reduce glare for extended wear. Furthermore, these scratch-resistant frames are scratch-resistant for effortless maintenance – an excellent choice for active individuals requiring maximum eye protection.

Foster Grant offers several styles of sunglasses designed to accommodate various face shapes. Their Summerwood and Meridian frames, with top and side shields that wrap around the entire structure, make an excellent choice. In addition, FL-41 Rose filters come in five tints that improve contrast while decreasing intraocular glare – perfect for contact lens wearers, younger patients, hip seniors, etc.

People with diamond-shaped faces feature narrow foreheads and jawlines with broad cheekbones and sharply pointed chins; these features make them suitable for wearing oversized wraparound sunglasses. In contrast, people with oval-shaped faces have softly curved jawlines and foreheads, and their foreheads are more comprehensive than their chins, making them suitable for all styles of sunglasses.

Foster Grant offers several blue light styles designed to protect eyes from digital screen lighting, from readers (no magnification) to glasses (+3.50 magnification). Each pair of blue light sunglasses comes with its microfiber drawstring case for convenient storage and cleaning.


These lightweight glasses provide a comfortable choice for extended wear. Their snug fit keeps them securely in place during physical activity. In addition, these frames come equipped with a soft, hard shell case to keep them protected in your bag when on the go.

These sunglasses are an ideal solution for patients who are sensitive to UV rays. Their rose tint reduces glare, while three frame styles meet various patient needs. Made of premium materials for comfort on ears and nose. It is ideal for migraine sufferers or people recovering from TBI; it may help alleviate symptoms associated with light sensitivity.

Sunglasses are an indispensable companion when engaging in outdoor activities, offering protection from the sun’s UV rays as well as dust. To find a pair that provides optimal eye protection during outdoor pursuits, look for ones with wraparound designs that feature polarized lenses to deflect glare more efficiently while making it easier for you to see clearly. Likewise, opt for large lens sizes for maximum UV protection.

When purchasing sports sunglasses, look for those which provide the ideal combination of style and comfort. Excellent models combine large lenses with face-hugging curves that enable the sunglasses to sit close to your face; Kaenon Burnet Mid, Costa Rinconcito, and Vuarnet Legend 03 models are good examples.

Select sports sunglasses with tints suitable for the activity you intend to do, such as brown and amber tints for lower light conditions, while dark lenses work best in sunny or cloudy weather conditions. Consider also how tinted sunglasses will complement your attire; Vuarnet Legend 03 glasses would make an excellent addition to a tailored vest on European travels!

These wraparound sunglasses are an ideal solution for emmetropes, contact lens wearers, and younger patients alike. Available with five lens tints: polarized gray, yellow, amber orange, and plum. Additionally, their frames are made of nylon 66 and feature bendable temples to ensure a comfortable fit.


Sunglasses may seem like an innocuous accessory, but they’re actually vital in protecting against ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun’s harmful UV rays. When purchasing new sunnies, there are numerous factors to take into consideration, such as lens color/tint, UV protection/polarization features, frame fit/style considerations, comfort during activity, and durability.

People tend to choose sunglasses with the darkest lenses available when shopping. However, this could actually cause your pupils to dilate, letting more light enter your eye and increasing the risk of sunburn and skin cancer. Instead, choose reflective lens colors that block both UVA and UVB rays.

Our favorite sunglasses were the Kaenon Burnet Mid, Costa Rinconcito, and Vuarnet Legend 03. Each of these models offers high coverage with large lenses in frames that sit snugly against your face, sealing out edge gaps without being full wraparounds. Other models we tried, including Native Eyewear Wells, Oakley Holbrook Polarized, and Kaenon Rockaway, also have these large lenses but offer slightly less coverage.

These sunglasses are incredibly comfortable to wear, even during long tennis or pickleball matches on sunny courts. Their polycarbonate frames are very lightweight, while their snug-fitting arms stay put during physical activity. In addition, these shades fold neatly into a compact case that fits neatly in your palm – making them the ideal companion for travel or frequent outdoor excursions.

These stylish black-on-black frames are modern and fashionable, while their polarized lenses block both UVA and UVB rays for eye protection. Furthermore, these sunglasses are scratch-resistant, which makes them suitable for active athletes looking for durable sunglasses on sunny days.

All FL-41 frames feature flexible temples that provide a personalized fit, making them the ideal choice for those with shallow corneal curves and light sensitivity or who prefer lenses with tints such as polarized gray, yellow amber, orange, and plum tints. Each shade is intended to increase contrast while simultaneously decreasing intraocular glare that could otherwise occur with low-vision patients.

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