Bailey’s Health and Fitness in Jacksonville, Florida


Bailey’s Health and Fitness in Jacksonville, with over 25 employees on staff, offers an expansive array of services and amenities.

Dana Linn Bailey is an American professional bodybuilder and entrepreneur. She has amassed millions of followers globally, winning many renowned bodybuilding competitions.

Chuze Fitness recently announced its plans to acquire Bailey’s, an established Florida and Georgia chain with 16 locations that has been family-owned for 40 years.

Fitness Equipment

Bailey’s Fitness offers state-of-the-art cardio, strength, and free weights equipment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand to assist with any unfamiliar equipment and give tips and advice for optimal usage of this machinery.

Bailey Fitness honors its founder, Don Bailey, and continues his family legacy of community-focused health and wellness through 16 locations in North Florida and one in Brunswick, Georgia. Their partnership with Chuze Fitness from California boasts 44 existing locations throughout Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. It will allow Bailey’s Fitness to continue expanding with a localized focus while adhering to “less attitude, more fitness.”

Cory Brightwell, CEO of Chuze Fitness, commented upon its acquisition, noting he and Darryl and David Bailey of Bailey’s Health & Fitness have worked closely for eight years and shared best practices. Both brothers will remain part of the club throughout its transition.

Bailey’s partnered with Jacksonville University to offer their Faculty/Staff one free month membership at Merrill Rd. Location (must show JU Faculty ID). For more information, visit their website; alternatively, bring your JU faculty ID card into any Bailey’s Powerhouse gym to activate it and activate this offer – it applies only to new members; Please see the club for further restrictions or details.

Group Fitness Classes

Bailey’s offers various group fitness classes led by experienced instructors at all times during the day and free for students, faculty, and staff. To participate effectively, all participants must dress in workout attire and arrive ten minutes before class starts; latecomers will be directed toward informal fitness instead.


Build endurance and strength while listening to hand-selected music on stationary exercise bicycles for an effective cardio workout that suits all fitness levels!

Cycle + Core is a low-impact workout combining high and low-intensity cycling intervals with core and arm exercises designed to build muscle tone, balance, and posture and strengthen bones while decreasing stress levels.

Boxing with Baileys

This high-intensity full-body conditioning boxing class from Baileys offers cardiovascular and resistance training benefits while burning calories and relieving stress – definitely one to try! This program should not be missed!

Personal Training

Personal training can be an integral component of your fitness journey. Your trainer can assist with proper form, equipment use, and other elements to further accelerate your fitness results.

Trainers provide motivation and assistance with nutrition guidance and lifestyle habits to help you achieve your goals more quickly. Finding a great personal trainer is crucial to your success – so select wisely when hiring one.

Bailey’s Health & Fitness team of certified personal trainers is exceptionally adept in many fields. Some specialize in weight loss, sports performance, injury prevention, or functional movement, incorporating workouts to increase mobility and reduce pain; other specialists focus on improving mobility through functional movement exercises for increased mobility or pain relief, with years of experience assisting people of all ages and fitness levels to reach their goals.

They provide exercise programs tailored to your needs and fitness level, including pre-natal exercise. In addition, they can assist in building muscle while increasing strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance – and once complete, the Fitness Assessment and Program Development Module will give you a customized plan.

Peggy is an accomplished fitness professional with decades of experience, holding national certifications in personal training and nutrition. She prides herself on working closely with individuals to reach their fitness and wellness goals, having lived in Flower Mound for over 20 years and passionately advocating for its fitness and well-being.

Ben has an advanced degree in Psychology and has been providing personal training services since 2012. Combining his anatomy, physiology, and nutrition knowledge with his National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification, he creates an engaging training experience for his clients, ranging from professional MMA athletes to seniors and beginners.

After an intense workout, your muscles may feel sore for several days. This is perfectly normal and an indicator that they’ve been challenged! Be sure to drink plenty of water and rest well post-exercise. Furthermore, avoid alcohol and caffeine intake in the days following your sessions; these substances could impede recovery.

Nutrition Counseling

If you currently live with high cholesterol or diabetes, diet can be an invaluable way to gain more control. With nutrition counseling’s assistance, finding an eating regimen tailored to you and helping you feel your best can be achieved.

Opting for healthy meals can be challenging. Many people struggle with overeating, skipping meals, or using unhealthy snacks as a coping mechanism when stressed. When working with a nutrition counselor, long-term meal plans will be created to develop a relationship between food and yourself that’s both physically and psychologically healthy.

Nutritional counseling is an ongoing process, typically administered by a registered dietitian, that works closely with an individual to evaluate their usual dietary intake and identify areas for improvement. They then provide informational materials, support, and follow up services to help the individual make and sustain necessary nutritional adjustments.

Many people seek nutritional counseling as part of their efforts to lose weight or achieve other health-related goals. If fad diets have not proven successful, nutrition counseling can provide valuable tips on developing sustainable healthy habits to reach those goals more quickly.

Nutritional counseling can also help improve digestion, strengthen gut health, and address any nutrient deficiencies causing issues. Incorporating healthier eating habits into your day plan will increase energy levels and allow for better rest at night – increasing focus during the daytime. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, eating well can improve your mood and stave off disease – your nutritionist can teach you how to eat healthily while offering guidance in supplements to enhance immunity.