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Atrium Health (formerly Carolinas HealthCare System until its name change in 2018) is one of the largest hospital networks in North America, operating hospitals and medical centers throughout North Carolina for non-profit purposes.

Employees find excellent job satisfaction working for this family-oriented company with its emphasis on kindness. In addition, the firm provides attractive benefits packages, including healthcare coverage and 401k savings plans.


No matter your field – be it medicine, nursing, physician assistant services, or certified midwifery – your work is vitally important to our patients and families. At CarePoint Hospital Group, we offer competitive compensation packages with comprehensive benefits packages to full and part-time team members.

Carolinas Medical Center was first established as Charlotte Memorial Hospital in 1940 but has grown with its community over time into an internationally acclaimed healthcare system. CMC houses Levine Cancer Institute – consistently named the Best Cancer Hospital; Carolinas Rehabilitation, one of the top rehabilitation centers; and Levine Children’s Hospital, which ranks consistently as one of the nation’s best pediatric hospitals.

Wake Forest School of Medicine, an exceptional world-class integrated clinical system anchored by Atrium Health Winston-Salem Baptist Medical Center that excels at experiential medical education and groundbreaking research, also features five community hospitals as well as primary and specialty care locations, along with its unique at-home health care service that delivers more home-based services that are trusted to meet patient needs throughout the region.

Atrium Health has long been recognized as North Carolina’s premier health system. Our compassionate approach places the person first. Our doctors, nurses, and other professionals enjoy access to a robust infrastructure that supports them with training opportunities for career advancement and advancement options.

Atrium Health is proud of our commitment to equal-opportunity employment. We encourage applicants of any race, color, national origin, sex orientation, sexual identity or expression, religion, veteran status, or disability age to apply.

Summary: At AH Lincoln, as a BC/BE General Surgery Surgeon, you’ll become part of an efficient, collaborative, and collegial team dedicated to excellence in providing urgent and emergent general surgical patient care. Community surgeons will have access to mentors locally and regionally who will promote collaboration and career growth.

AH Lincoln Surgery in Lincolnton, North Carolina, offers emergency and elective general surgery and ambulatory services to approximately 80-110 Emergency Department (ED) patients daily and 130-212 Inpatient patients on average daily. We aim to deliver superior healthcare by combining human kindness with cutting-edge expertise.


Everyone can think of an example of an essential nurse in their lives; perhaps they’ve been the person you turn to when WebMD doesn’t quite answer or helped guide you through a difficult pregnancy or surgery experience. Nurses are highly skilled healthcare workers who provide patient care in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities – working closely alongside physicians and other healthcare providers in providing comprehensive patient care.

Nurses perform various duties and responsibilities depending on their specialty, from assessing patient conditions to monitoring symptoms to administering medications. Nurses must be able to think critically and make quick decisions during emergencies; additionally, they are vital in informing patients of their health conditions and treatments, providing guidance regarding diet and exercise regimes, and offering resources to empower themselves as advocates.

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are responsible for monitoring patients’ vital signs, administering medications, and assisting with daily activities such as bathing and dressing. LPNs work closely with physicians and other healthcare providers to create patient care plans; registered nurses (RNs) are the most common form of nurse and provide direct patient care while working closely with healthcare professionals to develop and execute patient plans.

Nurses work across many healthcare settings and must be adaptable enough to adapt quickly to changing environments and situations. Nurses require physical stamina for long shifts, as well as being capable of lifting and moving patients when necessary, plus the ability to communicate clearly with both patients and healthcare professionals.

Nurses are essential to healthcare delivery and are necessary in patients’ lives. Their highly skilled healthcare workers provide comfort, compassion, and hope during difficult times – they’ve even been instrumental in stopping COVID-19’s spread. Nurses provide education resources to the public and dispel myths surrounding disease while decreasing unnecessary hospitalizations or outpatient procedures during pandemics like COVID-19.

Allied Health

Allied health refers to professionals outside traditional medical and nursing practice who assist in prevention, diagnosis, and rehabilitation in medical settings. Common professions within this category include physical, speech and occupational therapy, audiologists, dieticians and respiratory therapists, working hand-in-hand with doctors and nurses to ensure patients receive optimal care.

Allied health professionals (also referred to as healthcare practitioners or specialists) differ significantly from physicians because they spend most of their time working directly with patients. A speech pathologist might assist a client with hearing loss, while physical therapists might rehabilitate after surgery for someone’s knee. While they often operate autonomously over their work, most collaborate within a team environment with the other professionals to share growing expertise of specialty treatments for improved treatment methods.

Allied health professionals utilize their knowledge directly and indirectly with their patients. They use seminars and workshops for the general public to educate people on taking an active role in their care – including topics like healthy eating, smoking cessation, and injury prevention.

Finding the ideal school is critical to your success if you want to pursue a career in allied health. Attending an accredited program provides several advantages over nonaccredited ones, including obtaining a license to practice and taking part in clinical experiences and practicums that give hands-on learning experiences in healthcare environments where your knowledge will be put into action and providing you with tools needed for future success.

Atrium Health teammates can rely on HCA Healthcare’s supportive culture and comprehensive benefits packages – including sign-on bonuses and paid time off containers – as part of our shared healthcare family. Discover more ways Atrium Health can help expand and advance their career by visiting our careers page.

Support Staff

Support staff typically perform various workplace duties, including typing letters and faxes, answering telephones, providing customer service, taking minutes at meetings and helping schedule appointments, ordering supplies or distributing mail, taking minutes during meetings, or helping take minutes at meetings. In some industries, they may even assist with sales or bookkeeping duties.

Support worker requirements will differ depending on the industry in which one works; however, it’s essential that support staff possess excellent computer and office software knowledge, strong customer service abilities, and the capacity to manage multiple tasks simultaneously – these abilities will allow support workers to thrive in fast-paced and stressful environments.

Some healthcare companies employ support workers with specific fields of expertise. For instance, medical secretaries assist doctors and nurses by compiling patient charts, scheduling appointments, and providing helpful health-related information that may benefit patients and their families.

Atrium Health, a premier academic healthcare system serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, is widely recognized for its top-ranked pediatric, cancer, and heart care services, organ transplantation, and musculoskeletal programs. Atrium has also earned national renown for pioneering research and experiential medical education initiatives, receiving the American Hospital Association Quest for Quality Prize and the 2021 Carolyn Boone Lewis Equity of Care Award.

Atrium Health team members will be supported by an integrated network of partners dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all the members in their communities – known as The Atrium Health Difference. Together, we will increase health outcomes while increasing hope and advancing healing for everyone involved.

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