AATC Parking Lot 2


AATC Parking Lot 2 is located at 600 Lake Mirror Road and is open to the public with hourly and daily rates available, as well as designated disabled spaces.

Archibald noticed Weisberg frequenting AATC’s parking lot, peering into her office window before driving away – she decided to contact the police.

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Your Atlanta airport parking options depend on both your needs and budget; on-airport options provide the closest proximity to terminals but are more costly; these include hourly, daily economy, and international lots. Off-airport options offer complimentary shuttle service directly to airports while being significantly less expensive than on-airport parking options.

Atlanta Airport boasts eleven on-airport parking lots with prices ranging from $3 – $4 per hour in domestic hourly lots to $10 – $16 per day in long-term lots. Furthermore, their Reserve Parking Program lets users book their spot early to guarantee them one at the airport.

Moovit is your one-stop travel solution, offering step-by-step directions from any transit source to Aatc Parking Lot 3. Download the app now to experience how easy it is to reach Aatc Parking Lot 3 from home! Plus, you’ll know if there are any alternative routes or timetables, plus how long it’ll take until your destination.


AATC provides many convenient and professional parking services for its customers, such as offering a complimentary shuttle service that runs 24/7 to and from the airport. Their Desert Drive location offers both covered and uncovered parking options, with shuttles also providing transport for handicapped passengers. Furthermore, this well-maintained facility features car washes by attendants as well as offering customers complimentary bottled water upon exiting.

Shuttle Tracker is an app for both iPhone and Android devices that enables users to stay up-to-date with live shuttle bus ETAs and routes, set reminders when their reservation expires, and avoid overpaying for parking. It’s an invaluable way to stay aware and avoid overspending!

Shuttle services provided by AATC operate between the Domestic Complex and Concourses A, B, C, and D in each concourse of the Domestic Complex. In addition, Maynard H Jackson International Terminal and Aircraft Movement Ramps receive services. AATC also provides maintenance and security services for terminals, public parking lots, and common areas in each concourse.


Security in parking lots is an intricate topic, making it hard to ascertain an appropriate level of protection. This varies based on factors like business types served, history of incidents, physical location, and other hard and soft factors; all building owners, facility managers, parking firm executives, and security directors need to consider what level of security would be appropriate and take proactive steps against risk mitigation.

Installing surveillance cameras in any parking lot is an invaluable security measure, providing authorities and staff with early warning of potential threats like car accidents, vandalism, or break-ins. A sound surveillance system should detect suspicious activities quickly while also taking clear images to provide clear evidence for action to be taken if needed.

Another effective strategy for increasing security is using barriers and structures that prevent criminals from entering an area, such as gates and security booths that limit pedestrian and vehicular access to sections of a lot. Furthermore, all structures should be kept well-maintained so as to give off the message that there is constant caretaking – sending criminals a clear message about your commitment to preventing crimes from taking place on this lot.

To strengthen school security, school districts can arm both staff and students with the mentality “if you see something, say something,” which empowers them to report any suspicious activity they see or witness – whether through formal programs or simply encouraging everyone to become more aware of their surroundings (including parking lot perimeter).

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