North River Boats For Sale


North River Boats of Roseburg, Oregon, offers high-speed aluminum recreational and commercial offshore fishing vessels explicitly designed to meet customer demands. North River’s specialty lies in customizing vessels specifically tailored to each customer.

Their team values integrity over mediocrity and carefully balances pride with performance; this explains their outstanding vessels.


North River Boats offers a range of sizes to meet the needs of both recreational and commercial fishermen alike. Their configurations accommodate various engine types – outboard, stern drive propulsion options, and jet drive. Plus, North River offers world-renowned make/model combinations explicitly designed to meet angler demands.

Seahawk OS series boats feature precision-welded hulls designed to maximize strength and ride quality, featuring patented deep-vee bottom designs with extruded strakes for quick time to plane, superior tracking performance, and precise handling.

When comparing boat sizes, it’s best to look at centerline length rather than overall length, which may be misleading. For instance, a Seahawk Offshore 2700SXL measures 27′ 3″, including bow tip and motor bracket lengths. Other manufacturers may advertise their vessels differently, making comparison difficult.

The Seahawk OS fishing boat is designed for anglers seeking comfort, stability, and plenty of room to gear up and head out onto the water. The expansive open deck floorplan provides plenty of fishing space while the NR2 captains’ seats ensure comfort during long waits for bites. Furthermore, this vessel offers storage spaces as well as a lockable glove box to safeguard valuables against the elements.


North River provides more standard features on their aluminum boats than most competitors and offers excellent value for the competition, leading to higher resale values for buyers looking to resell later.

Crafted for Adventure

The 22 Seahawk is an adaptable vessel built for adventure. Ideal for an array of aquatic environments, be it fishing, water sports, or leisure pursuits – whether it’s fishing rod storage and gear space, it makes boating trips memorable experiences on its waters.

The aluminum welded planning Vee hull of the Seahawk was explicitly created to maximize both strength and efficiency, with its sleek form ensuring it cuts through waves and wind effortlessly, while its cutting-edge design reduces drag for outstanding performance. Furthermore, its deep Vee bottom shape and precision extruded chines make for fast planning, straight tracking, and controlled turns for faster overall boat operation.

The Seahawk offers an extensive range of powerful engine options for customization to meet any boater’s specific needs, up to a maximum 300hp engine power capacity. It is easy to maneuver, making it an excellent option for novice boaters.


North River Boats of Roseburg’s March closure sent shockwaves through the Pacific Northwest sport fishing scene, leaving thousands of owners of its high-end aluminum crafts reeling under its collapse.

Though the company has discontinued many of its smaller sports models and drift boats, such as the Seahawk hard top and other high-end recreational fisherman’s boats – as well as building workboats for government agencies and commercial fleets – production has returned on those models.

No matter where your travels may lead you – be it shallow technical white water rivers, deep lakes, and reservoirs, or offshore navigating inland bays or deltas – the Seahawk provides an unforgettable ride. Its hull has been meticulously designed and precisely welded together to increase strength while creating a seamless surface for maximum ride, engine efficiency, and performance. Plus, its Deep Vee bottom shape, specially calibrated strakes, and precision extruded chines provide quick planing with straight tracking that is highly controlled turns.

North River’s workboats have been tailored to meet the demands of recreational and commercial environments alike, making them the go-to solution in even the most demanding marine conditions. Their designs range from Coast Guard Sub Chapter T passenger-inspected boats, hydrographic survey vessels, law enforcement patrol boats, fireboats, long-range crew transport boats, and submarine support vessels for the Navy, making North River resistant to economic cycles while protecting themselves with a diverse portfolio and client base – an approach which has paid dividends!


North River Boatworks is an esteemed aluminum manufacturer known for crafting numerous styles of boats. Their standard features for their price are precious, while they use more aluminum in their vessels than competing manufacturers – something which plays an essential role when considering the resale value and making comparisons between models.

North River Boats of Roseburg, Oregon, has been creating aluminum vessels since its founding in 1974. Their boats are specifically tailored to appeal to sports anglers and offer both outboard and stern drive propulsion options as well as access to engine power from leading global manufacturers – so with North River, you are sure to find one that suits both your needs and budget!