BMW Loaner Cars


Service loaners (also referred to as courtesy vehicles or executive demos) and like-new BMW models driven by dealership management and staff can be purchased. They include Ultimate Care maintenance agreements as well as warranties.

BMWs of today provide outstanding style and performance, from their crisp steering to iconic handling – plus affordable ownership costs!

Service Loaners

BMW service loaners provide the ideal way to enjoy a smooth drive while you have your BMW in for maintenance or repair. Our loaner fleet of cars is well-kept with low mileage. In addition, these cars qualify for new-car rates and incentives, and since they’re only used temporarily, you can be confident you’re getting something almost new at a highly affordable price point.

At our dealership, we aim to accommodate every client that visits, though due to customer demand and inventory limitations, this isn’t always possible. Please let us know ahead of time if you require a loaner car and arrive for your appointment on time if this is needed; alternatively, if something comes up that prevents this, call our service advisor, who will do everything they can to accommodate you as best they can.

Visitors driving our service loaner must possess a valid driver’s license, insurance card, and credit card in their name. Daily mileage cannot exceed 100 miles; guests must return it by 8 AM and be aged 21 or over to drive it. Only drivers named on their loaner user agreement can operate it.

Like many car dealers, our BMW dealership is committed to selling retired service loaner vehicles when no longer needed. While these vehicles were once used as service center courtesy cars for customers, they qualify for all the same incentives found with new BMWs – making these affordable purchases ideal for drivers looking for quality without breaking the bank! Plus, they feature low mileage and excellent condition, making these an economical solution without compromising quality!

Executive Demo Vehicles

BMW is committed to offering excellent client services, including providing loaner vehicles known as executive demos while your car is in for repair. These demos provide the same fantastic driving experience with new BMW models.

Retired service loaner cars offer many drivers an ideal combination of low mileage, an affordable price point, and full benefits and warranty coverage. Plus, many popular series can qualify for leasing or financing offers similar to brand-new BMW models!

As is evident, loaner cars must remain in excellent condition both aesthetically and mechanically. We take great pride in keeping all our retired BMW service loaner cars looking as close to new as possible.

These cars are often displayed in our showroom or lot to give customers who visit to test drive a BMW the chance to try to go one, so they are rarely operated and are maintained to the highest standards. We are pleased to offer them for sale so you can enjoy an equally exceptional driving experience at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new.

As BMW vehicles are known for their exceptional quality, their superior build makes them perfect for drivers looking for like-new models without breaking their budget to purchase one outright. Luxury vehicles experience some of the steepest drops in value over their first 1-3 years; thus, dealers have an incentive to buy them, use them as loaner cars, and then add them back into pre-owned inventory at reduced rates – which makes BMW demo and loaner vehicles affordable even for those who can afford a new car – though these models will technically become “used” once registered due to having been driven as demonstrator or courtesy vehicles before adding them back into pre-owned inventory at discounted rates.

Contact Us Today

The BMW Store offers well-equipped vehicles for you to enjoy while your car is being serviced, with low mileage, well-kept maintenance records, and eligible for all new car rates and incentives. They come equipped with any remaining coverage from your BMW Ultimate Care warranty as well. Contact your BMW Client Advisor for further details; all drivers must possess both valid driver’s licenses as well as auto insurance that covers driving the loaner cars; smoking or pets are not allowed within them.

Before becoming available for sale, all BMW loaner and demo vehicles undergo a meticulous inspection process, leading to one of the highest resell rates within the industry. If there’s something that catches your eye in our inventory that piques your interest, please give us a call immediately so we can arrange an appointment so you can test drive it for yourself!

Certified Pre-Owned BMW inventory provides access to an extensive selection of pre-owned BMW vehicles that have passed a stringent inspection and boasts low mileage. They qualify for all new car rates and incentives as well as the balance of your BMW Ultimate Care warranty coverage.

If the BMW you desire is not in our inventory, we can assist in customizing one from the factory. Speak with your BMW Client Advisor about which model interests you, arrange to meet with a sales team member for option discussion and configure work on it, pay your custom order deposit fee, and we will start processing it immediately.

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