Al Bawani Company Saudi Arabia Jobs


Al Bawani Holding Company, a diversified Saudi conglomerate, has implemented an expansion strategy designed to accommodate Vision 2030. Their work encompasses construction, specialized contracting, water and power infrastructure management, facility management services, manufacturing solutions for MEP solutions, and PPP investment opportunities.


Al Bawani Company bases their salary structure on the average salaries for Quantity Surveyors in UAE, which according to Naukrigulf typically range from SAR 9,000-15,000 per month.

Al Bawani Co is great for experience and knowledge acquisition; however, financially, it should not be recommended. Their management is highly tightfisted; no increment will be given until your stay there is complete; in short, they’ll take advantage of you and exploit you.

Al Bawani Company offers daily job listings of their 2024 jobs available online – you may find what you’re searching for and start making money right now! These openings include both current vacancies and potential future openings so that any qualified applicant may apply anytime they’d like! They believe in supporting diversity in the workforce so all qualified applicants will receive consideration regardless of race, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, or genetic information when applying.


Al Bawani Company is an equal opportunity employer and respects a diverse workforce, offering various benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, and maternity leave policies, as well as competitive salaries and career advancement opportunities.

Lucid has extensive experience working on large projects in Saudi Arabia, most recently by building Lucid’s manufacturing plant there, creating thousands of jobs during the construction of its facility – currently worth SAR 1.5 billion, due to be finished by May 2022.

Al Bawani Construction Contracting Company is certified by the Saudi Classification Agency as a Class 1 construction contracting firm and holds an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for its Quality Management System. They boast an impressive client list with projects from both governmental and quasi-government clients. Experience in industrial, healthcare, education, and residential sectors is extensive for this company; furthermore, it holds significant stakes in both commercial and diplomatic spheres – perfectly positioning them to take advantage of rising demands for affordable housing solutions. However, the company recognizes the challenge of building half a million new houses quickly, which will be formidable, and is taking steps to meet it. They are currently in negotiations with two customers about building larger housing projects, which require both expertise and investment – yet remain assured they can handle these challenges successfully.


Al Bawani Company Saudi Arabia is an established construction firm offering an array of services, such as pre-construction, project management, engineering design, and fire alarm installation, as well as building maintenance to its client base, which includes housing complexes, industrial/commercial buildings hospitals educational institutions government sectors in Saudi Arabia as well as internationally. Al Bawani provides its services throughout both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as globally.

At Proctor & Gamble, projects are designed with the highest standards and the latest technology, using staff who possess both experience and qualifications to meet clients’ needs. Furthermore, customer satisfaction remains their number one goal.

Our Constructability Program aims to integrate complete construction expertise into every stage of a project from its inception through completion – from design, procurement, engineering, and construction. This approach ensures optimal use of just-in-time inventory management while speeding project execution; furthermore, it facilitates advanced construction approaches like performance engineering welding and software systems.

Al Bawani employees are trained in international safety standards and possess the necessary skills for creating a safe workplace. Furthermore, they have in-depth knowledge about environmental regulations and local government requirements – an added plus given Al Bawani is a family-owned business dedicated to offering its customers only top service. Furthermore, Al Bawani adheres to local labor laws, which ensure workers have benefits and security measures.

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