Xiaomi Mi 9 Se Review


Whether you’re looking for a smartphone that will last, or you want one that can do a lot, there are several features you need to consider. For example, the camera is essential, as well as the display, processor, battery life, and more.


Compared to the original Mi 9, the Mi 9 SE has a smaller screen and a more compact body. However, it retains the same great features that made the Mi 9 a hit.

The Mi 9 SE has a super AMOLED screen that delivers vibrant colors and rich blacks. It also has an under-display fingerprint scanner. However, this scanner is not as quick as a rear-mounted scanner.

The Mi 9 SE is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor with 6GB RAM. It also features a 48MP primary camera and a 20MP selfie camera. It runs on Android 9.0 (Pie) with MIUI 10 on top. The international edition will also include Google Play Services pre-installed.

The Mi 9 SE has 64GB and 128GB storage options. It also features a dual-SIM card slot. It also has a fingerprint scanner under the display and a 3070 mAh battery.


Whether you want a smartphone that fits in your pocket or add a touch of class to your home screen, the Display of Xiaomi Mi 9 Se can do both. With a 5.97-inch super AMOLED display, the MI 9 SE provides an incredible viewing experience thanks to its crisp resolution.

It also has a capable triple-camera system. The primary camera is a 48MP sensor with an f/2.4 aperture. It also comes with auto-HDR and AI scene detection.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor powers the Mi 9 SE. The device also features 6GB of RAM. It also has 128GB of internal storage.

The Mi 9 SE can run Android 9 out of the box, and you can also upgrade to the next OS version. In addition, the device comes with a fast charging feature. It is also capable of NFC functionality, allowing you to easily connect to electronic gadgets. It also features a USB-C port.


Despite being a mid-range phone, the Xiaomi Mi 9 Se camera has a decent level of detail for its price. The 12MP and 48MP lenses work well to produce images with sound color reproduction and can be tweaked for contrast and saturation.

While the camera is capable, some things could improve. For example, the wide-angle lens doesn’t work well in low light. And the tone compression effect produces unnatural rendering of bright parts in high-contrast scenes. In addition, there’s a noticeable white balance cast when using artificial light sources.

Another problem is the camera’s lack of optical image stabilization. This is especially noticeable when shooting in 4K, where the camera doesn’t seem to steady things. The image stabilization in Full HD is solid, and the camera handles moving subjects well.

Battery life

Compared to the Mi 9, the Mi 9 SE has a slightly smaller battery. But it has a much better screen. The screen on the Mi 9 SE is bright and crisp and displays deep blacks. And the Mi 9 SE also features an under-display fingerprint scanner.

The battery life of the Mi 9 SE is suitable for most users. It can last up to a day on a single charge. But it’s not the most extended battery life we’ve seen.

To ensure long battery life, users should use the device efficiently. Using the phone in dark settings is an excellent way to help the battery last longer. The Mi 9 SE can also run the 48MP mode, which takes advantage of the high pixel count.

Battery usage app

Using a battery usage app for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is the easiest way to check your battery life. While the iPhone and Android phones have built-in features, you can also find a lot of free battery saver apps on the Play Store.

Aside from the apparent battery-saving apps, there are a few tricks you can do to boost your battery life. You can try to minimize the use of applications that are not vital to your phone use. You may also consider switching to a dark theme or a lower-brightness screen.

Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can also drain your battery. You can also consider using an optimized version of an application to use less battery.

In addition to using the battery usage app for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, you should also consider a few other tips and tricks to get the most out of your battery. For example, you can also use the power-saving mode to throttle the performance of your device.

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