Wonderland Savor Menu at Wisma Atria


For the foodie in you, a trip to Wonderland is an invitation to indulge in the good life. Here, you’ll find terroir beef, 1-for-1 deals, and a menu inspired by the Alice in Wonderland novel. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of work and play, surrounded by good music and good food.

terroir beef

The Wonderland savor menu is filled with treats that are a little trickier to get to than you may think. It’s served from 6 pm to 8:30 pm from Monday to Thursday and 10:30 pm to 1 am on Sundays. The menu is available until 31 August 2017.

1-for-1 promotions

If you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland films, you will love the Wonderland Savour restaurant at Wisma Atria. The restaurant offers macarons and cakes as well as main dishes. The restaurant also offers a 1-for-1 main dish and pasta promotion on New Year’s Eve.

If you want to get the best high tea in Singapore, the Lobby Lounge is one of the best high tea spots. Located inside the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, this elegant venue offers a seasonal menu, as well as classic high tea bites. The menu also features sandwiches, cupcakes, and donuts.

Alice in Wonderland-themed restaurant

If you love Alice in Wonderland and have a sweet tooth, you’ll love dining at an Alice in Wonderland-themed restaurant. The restaurant features a nature-filled walkway, giant books, curiosities, and limited-time specials. The menu includes a special dessert: a strawberry roll cake with tiny rabbit ears. Other cake items are inspired by the sequel novel, Through the Looking Glass. Another dessert is a cheesecake and chocolate cake arranged like a chess board.

To make your experience more magical, you can even try making your cocktails. There are bespoke cocktails and a fun game called “Eat Me” to keep you entertained. A Mad Hatter impersonator will be on hand to help you make the drinks. The menu features an Alice in Wonderland-themed cake, as well as various drinks and dishes inspired by the famous book.

If you’re looking for a new venue to celebrate the classic Lewis Carroll novel, “The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience” is a unique way to celebrate your next holiday. With fantastical decor and cocktails, this new concept has already become a hit in San Francisco, Sydney, and Denver. Now it’s coming to New York City.

Modern European cuisine

At Wonderland, living the good life means enjoying good food and great music. The restaurant offers modern European cuisine and takes its inspiration from around the world. The food here is well-presented and well-prepared, making it easy for the casual dining crowd to enjoy the experience.

The interior is equally delightful, with a whimsical decor that takes cues from the Tim Burton film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. The checkered floor tiles and a picture of the Mad Hatter above the bar add to the theme, which is further reflected in the menu. The restaurant also features chic bar stools and comfortable, plush seating. While dining at Wonderland Savour, you can enjoy a full menu of modern European cuisine and drinks.

A set lunch at Wonderland Savour Singapore includes a starter and a main dish. The set menu also includes a glass of tea or coffee, which makes it an excellent value-for-money lunch option. The restaurant also offers an a la carte menu for those who wish to dine in style. It is currently running a 1-for-1 promotion on pasta until 28 February 2021. To take advantage of this promotion, make sure to make a reservation beforehand via Chope.

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