Why You Need a Plumber in Irvine


Plumbing emergencies are inconvenient, often happening when least expected. To reduce their incidence and repair costs, regular inspections and timely repairs should be conducted regularly, and regularly scheduled maintenance should be undertaken to prevent emergencies from arising.

Patriot Plumbing Rooter & Restoration of Irvine offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services, with skilled technicians providing drain line descaling, sewer retrenching, root removal services, hydro-jetting, as well as sink, tub, and shower repair/replacements.


Leaks in your home must be addressed immediately as they waste water and money while also potentially damaging property or leading to mold growth.

Professional plumbers can quickly diagnose any problems and locate the source of leaks, whether they be evident in front of them or hidden behind walls or concrete slabs – making repairs much harder due to needing special tools for repair.

Professional plumbers are adept at detecting signs of leakage, such as puddles in your yard or house, increased water bills without an increase in usage, a musty odor emanating from faucets or fixtures, and decreased water pressure. With current drought conditions looming large over the nation, proactive steps must be taken toward water conservation, such as regular inspection of your pipes by an expert plumber for leaks.

If you suspect a pipe leak, immediately turn off your main shut-off valve to help reduce further water damage until a plumber can arrive and assess the situation. However, not all plumbers are qualified to address slab leaks without damaging your home’s foundation; only professional plumbers possess the necessary tools to identify such leaks accurately.


One of the primary causes of plumbing emergencies is a drain or sewer clog, often due to organic debris, hair or soap scum build-up. Clogs in your home could result in severe water damage if left unaddressed; if you notice that water drains slowly or there’s an unpleasant odor coming from the sink, shower, or toilet, contact an emergency plumber in Irvine immediately for assistance.

A drain cover can help prevent clogs by blocking foreign objects from entering your pipes, as well as by not pouring grease down your drains; instead, place used cooking fats in an appropriate container and dispose of them properly in your trash can. In addition, regularly inspect your home’s main water shutoff valve to make sure it’s working as intended.

Professional plumbers use various tools to clear even the most challenging drain clogs with ease. If using plungers and chemical clog removers has not worked, it may be time for outside help. A plumber will use a sewer machine to break up and remove the clog from your pipes before cleaning them out thoroughly and before offering preventive measures such as installing drain covers, keeping food debris out of drains, and testing your main water shutoff regularly.


If your plumbing issues keep returning, repiping might be the solution. Repiping involves replacing all of your home’s cold and hot water pipes with brand-new ones – an expensive investment that may prove cheaper in the long run than repairs caused by leaks or other plumbing mishaps.

Many older homes need to be repiped due to deteriorating pipes. Corroded materials in your old pipes may have become compromised over time and now present problems like low water pressure, strange flavors or smells in your water supply; using copper, PVC, or CPVC piping instead can solve these issues and ensure your family remains safe when using their plumbing.

Prior to repiping, it’s advisable to meet with a plumber to obtain an estimate and gain insight into what to expect. Repipes typically take several days or weeks to complete, and your water may be shut off temporarily during this process. In order to minimize disruption during this timeframe, any furniture or wall hangings in areas where work will take place should be moved away from walls where repipes will take place.

Before you repipe, ensure all appliances near the pipes have been moved away. After your plumber completes his or her repiping service, he or she will clean up and patch any holes they find in walls or floors.

Drain Cleaning

Drains in your home must function efficiently so water flows freely throughout your entire property. If the sink or tub drains are clogged up, contact a plumbing repair service that can quickly unclog them for you and return them to their proper state.

Clogged drains often result from build-ups of heavy residue, such as grease and soap scum build-up. A professional plumber should use a hydro jet drain cleaning system that will quickly eliminate these unwanted materials and leave your drains looking and functioning like new.

Your main sewer line connects directly with an underground city sewer or septic tank system, and when this connection becomes blocked, it can result in sewage backing up into your home – a hazardous situation that should be attended to immediately by a qualified plumber.

Roots from nearby trees can encroach upon and penetrate sewer pipes, leading to blockages in them. If this is an issue for you, call in a plumber immediately so they can identify where the roots have breached, and offer solutions, such as trenchless sewer repair and repiping that save time and money; periodic drain cleaning service might also prevent future issues with blocked lines.

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