What to Look For in a MINI Cooper S


Whether you’re a first-time Mini buyer or you’re considering a new model, it’s important to know what to look for in a Mini. The most important things to look for are safety, performance, and styling.

John Cooper Works GP Kit

Designed to enhance the appearance of the Mini John Cooper Works, the GP Pack is a special edition that adds a GP look to the standard MINI. It includes black door handles, mirror caps, headlight inserts, a black hood scoop, and GP badges. It is designed to be a fast-looking package, while also maintaining the standard MINI’s under-the-hood performance.

The Mini GP has a lighter weight, a retuned chassis, and a model-specific 18-inch wheel. It handles well and has a comparable ride to the Cooper S.

Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit has a maximum output of 160 kW/218 hp. This is 46 more horsepower than the standard Copper S. It also has an impressive power-to-weight ratio. The lightweight construction of the GP Kit allows the car to be 62 pounds lighter than the Cooper S. The GP Kit also features a twin-pipe sports exhaust, which is situated in the middle of the rear air dam.

Lane-departure warning system

Using a forward-facing camera, the lane-departure warning system will alert you when you are about to leave the lane. Some cars even have a steering wheel that vibrates to warn you. The lane-departure warning system is one of the most important safety features to consider.

Lane-departure warning systems have been around for a while now. They can be purchased as standalone features or as part of a package that includes other safety features.

The most basic system will simply scan the road ahead for lane markings. When a car comes within about 30 feet of one of the markers, a nudge will be sent your way to remind you to get back into the lane.

For a more sophisticated system, a camera is mounted on the windshield. The camera captures a moving view of the road 150 feet ahead, then parses it for lane markings. The end result is a sharper display. The lane-departure warning is no longer a novelty and you can find it on most mainstream vehicles.

An active driving safety assistant

During its LA Auto Show debut, Mini Cooper will introduce a number of innovative driver-assist technologies. These include a new collision warning system, assisted parking system, and video-based adaptive cruise control.

The driving assistant system in a MINI Cooper includes a camera that works in conjunction with the speed limit information system to identify critical driving situations. It also prepares the braking system for the situation.

Aside from the speed limit information system, the driving assistant is also accompanied by a variety of other safety features, including lane departure warning, pedestrian warning, and collision warning. It also includes a speed limit information indicator, which displays the current speed limit when the car is restarted.

The driving assistant system also has a camera located on the windscreen, which alerts the driver of potential accidents. The system also has a blind-spot warning system.

The lane-changing warning identifies a lane change and issues a warning symbol on the exterior mirror. It also works in conjunction with the adaptive cruise control system.

Cargo capacity

Whether you’re looking for a compact SUV or hatchback, the MINI Cooper S is an excellent choice for the car enthusiast. Not only does it offer a wide variety of features, but its interior is designed to maximize cargo space while providing passengers with plenty of room to sit.

The MINI Cooper S Clubman has an attractive interior design, as well as solid build quality and a well-chosen selection of materials. The cabin has plenty of room for passengers in both rows. It also has an eye-catching design that mimics round headlights. The rear seats fold down for even more cargo space. The cabin is also customizable, as it offers numerous customization options. You can purchase accessories such as a Picnic Blanket, which turns the cargo area into a nice spot to hang out. The mini cooper has many features designed to make the interior comfortable and convenient, such as storage nooks and latch connectors for child safety seats.

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