What Is PDS Full Form?


The PDS (Public Distribution System) is a government-mandated rationing program. But, the PDS system has some serious flaws. One of these is that it is prone to corruption. For example, it is common for village chiefs to give ration cards to people who are not in poverty to win votes. This is a severe flaw that the government must address if it wants to keep the system running correctly.

Public Distribution System

The public Distribution System is a government scheme to distribute food and essential commodities to needy people. Its goal is to ensure food security for all citizens of India. It was first started by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs (MCA) and later replaced by the Ministry of Food and Civil Supplies. The essential elements of the Public Distribution System are godown facilities and Fair Price Shops (FPS).

The system has several limitations and is not foolproof. Food grain is not distributed correctly, and the food supply is not stable. Furthermore, some rogue dealers replace good food grains with inferior stocks. These rogue dealers also produce bogus cards to sell food grains in the open market. In addition, the regional allocation of FPS is inadequate, and the core objective of stabilizing the price of essential commodities has not been accomplished. There is also the problem of ambiguity, which leads to corruption.


SRP/PDS is the Stabilization Reference Package/Position Determining System. Its meaning can vary, but it essentially refers to a set of design specifications for a product. The product design specification contains many requirements and constraints but focuses on performance and risk management.

There are many kinds of SRP/PDS complete sforms, including those related to academics, businesses, communities, and governments. There are also regional and slang terms for these terms. It is important to note that the acronym can be used in many situations, so choosing the correct one is essential.

A PDS will vary from project to project. You may be able to use a generic form of the document to ensure that most of the points are covered. Regardless of your version, the whole project team must be involved in the development process. Therefore, before the PDS is issued, it must have the support of all project team members.

Passive Data Structure

A passive data structure is a type of record. It’s a type of record with no object-oriented features and is often used in a system where moving information is involved. These data structures help represent field values of objects constructed from external data. Passive data structures are not to be confused with partitioned data sets.

A passive data structure is an alternative to a functional or active data structure. Unlike its active and functional cousins, it has no associated thread. Instead, it acts as a “container” of information accessed and operated on by other processes. Examples of passive data structures include Android Activity objects.

Food Corporation of India

Food Corporation of India is a government corporation headquartered in New Delhi that deals with the buying, selling, and distributing of food grains. Its role is to ensure a sufficient food supply all over the country. Founded in 1964, the organization is Asia’s most significant supply chain management company. It also works closely with farmers to ensure fair prices and proper distribution.

The Food Corporation of India is a statutory body under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Its headquarters are in New Delhi, one of India’s largcompaniess did. Its mission is to ensure that consumers access healthy and affordable food.

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