What Flavor Is The Grimace Milkshake?


McDonald’s iconic purple blob has gone viral thanks to a special birthday meal that includes an eye-catching Periwinkle milkshake – and has inspired some strange TikTok videos.

These videos have raised many questions, such as what the purple shake tastes like. So we conducted our experiment and determined that it has an almost fruity-vanilla flavor combination.


Those familiar with social media know McDonald’s has been celebrating its beloved purple blob character Grimace with a Birthday Meal offering. This meal includes either a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets along with medium order of fries and the limited-time Purple Grimace shake that has taken social media by storm; many people are curious as to what this unique shade tastes like; many users have asked, “What exactly is in that delicious looking drink?!”

Grimace shakes are advertised as being a berry-flavored vanilla milkshake. According to official descriptions, they achieve this flavor by adding strawberry and blueberry syrups into a vanilla milkshake base and then topping off with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles for decoration. Unfortunately, however, some customers have reported not tasting any berry taste in their shake.

No matter the flavor, this tasty purple Grimace shake remains irresistibly delectable and has quickly become a trend on social media. Some even attempt to replicate it at home; here’s how:

Ingredients for This Dish: 2 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream 1 Cup Milk 2 tablespoons each of Strawberry and Blueberry Syrup Purple Food Coloring Whipped Cream and Purple Sprinkles are optional but encouraged – combine all the ingredients in a blender until smooth, adding more milk or ice cream if necessary to reach desired consistency. Pour into glasses, top with whipped cream, and any desired purple decorations (such as sprinkles).

Get yours while supplies last at participating locations to celebrate yourself or someone else’s birthday! This treat makes the perfect birthday present!

While it may not compare with classic options like a Shamrock Shake or chocolate or vanilla McDonald’s milkshakes, the new strawberry milkshake from McDonald’s should be tried! With its vibrant color and delectable taste, this treat provides something new for those who appreciate them – but this change may make things interesting for long-time fans of their menu items!


Recently, McDonald’s released a special Purple Shake shake in honor of their mascot Grimace as part of its Birthday Meal option for him. McDonald’s provided little details regarding this purple milkshake when they announced it – only saying that its color and sweetness were “inspired by Grimace’s signature color and sweetness.”

The internet has spoken, both lovingly and critically, of this shake. Some have described its flavor as similar to “a vanilla milkshake with subtle berry notes.” In contrast, others have commented on how much they tasted like Children’s Claritin (an artificial product) or something unnatural. Still, others disliked its taste or did not believe the price tag justified purchasing the shake.

One thing is sure: this shake may not compare with its counterparts – or even to regular McDonald’s vanilla shake – in terms of taste or enjoyment, but its purple hue could attract fans who want to try the treat for fun.

Purple Shakes feature a vanilla flavor with a hint of cake batter flavor, creating a unique combination that makes this drink sweeter and less creamy than regular shakes. However, some may argue it tastes too cold or resembles frozen yogurt.

For those who love the idea of a purple shake but don’t want to spend money at McDonald’s, there are various recipes for creating their own at home. Most require frozen blueberries as a critical ingredient before topping with whipped cream and colorful sprinkles for an incredible treat!

McDonald’s does not carry their vanilla shake at every location, but customers can order it through its website and list stores that take it. Although more expensive than typical vanilla shakes at McDonald’s stores, its popularity on social media platforms such as TikTok has made up for any potential deficiencies; users frequently record videos of themselves tasting the shake before pretending to die in increasingly ridiculous scenarios while recording videos with TikTok users registering themselves tasting and pretending to die from eating it!


Grimace has been a fixture at McDonald’s since 1971, when he appeared in an advertising campaign alongside Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar. At first, he featured four arms; however, in 1972 commercials, he was reduced to his current two-armed state, which still appears today. Additionally, he was featured as part of a collection of stuffed animal characters like Ronald McDonald and appeared on toys like pool floats and shirts!

On June 12, McDonald’s announced that Grimace would receive his birthday shake! This delicious berry-flavored drink will be offered as part of a Grimace Birthday Meal, which comes with either a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets with medium fries, medium size drinks, and the purple shake, or can be purchased individually.

TikTok users have taken to social media since the shake was released to share their reactions to it, with some being more positive while others less so; one user even complained it was too sweet; another person noted it tasted like vanilla with no trace of other flavors present whatsoever.

Some have also expressed concerns over the ingredients of this shake, such as whey and milk – two common dairy ingredients which could potentially trigger allergic reactions in some people. Others have commented on its thick consistency, which doesn’t dissolve easily, creating an inedible hard texture.

As well as their concerns with its ingredients, some people have also voiced complaints about the color and flavor of this shake. Some find the deep purple hue off-putting, while some have reported strange or bitter tastes when drinking this drink.

While reactions to McDonald’s Grimace Shake may vary, it is clear that they have found success with it as a marketing ploy. Although not as viral as Heinz’s green ketchup or as controversial as “dress,” which caused waves on social media in 2015, it speaks to Gen Z’s sense of humor and interests.

Fruity Pebbles

McDonald’s kicked off this strange shake trend when they introduced a Grimace Birthday Shake on June 12 to commemorate their fuzzy purple mascot’s birthday, becoming an internet phenomenon as TikTok users uploaded videos showing themselves drinking the drink while pretending Grimace’s evil spirit haunted them.

This video trend quickly went viral, prompting an intense Internet discussion of what was in this mysterious purple shake. Many speculated it tasted similar to strawberry shortcake, while others suggested Fruity Pebbles may be included – when, in reality, it’s just a vanilla milkshake with berry flavors added.

McDonald’s issued a press release detailing their new fruity shake recipe, made with vanilla soft serve and fresh berries – providing it with its fruity flavor! They added several drops of food coloring for that signature purple hue for extra color.

Grimace Shakes are not limited edition but are only available until supplies run out. Anyone wanting to enjoy them can purchase a Grimace Birthday Meal with either a Big Mac or 10-piece chicken McNuggets with one Grimace Shake as part of the deal.

People who have tried the shake have unanimously reported its delicious flavor and vibrant hue. Online tasters have likened its combination of berries and birthday cake-esque elements, with strawberry shortcake and cotton candy among our ideas of what this shake might taste like. PEOPLE editors who tasted it first-hand (Grumace even visited our office!) suggested these combinations.

This unique shake has even been dubbed McDonald’s version of a blue and white dress due to its distinct hue and controversy. Though its unique shade has drawn praise, its controversy-provoking nature may cause further customer interest and potentially drive more visitors through its doors – time will only tell. Likewise, McDonald’s has made headlines before by unveiling surprising menu items, like its rainbow shake, unicorn milkshake, or Mickey Mouse Shake, which have all gone viral; could the purple shake be another clever marketing ploy by way of getting people through its doors? Only time will tell.

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