Ultraworld Business


Ultra is one of the most iconic names in dance music; from its Miami festival to its record label, it has become synonymous with electronic dance music. However, its use has caused considerable confusion within the music space as well as legal troubles for its founder, Patrick Moxey.


Ultra World offers an expansive selection of cosmetics and personal care products through Anar’s secure delivery process, which features payment in advance, cash on delivery, and money-back guarantees. If you have any inquiries or require support or customer service, please reach out through their Anar profile or directly via chat – they also provide customer ratings!

Ultraworld Business was established by an ultra group of industries in 1968 with the aim of international trading and is an expert in the import/export/manufacture of various steel-based products.


Ultra businesses enjoy high degrees of operational autonomy where local management teams can craft strategies suited to the niche markets they serve and implement competitive strategies accordingly. This allows ultra-firms to provide consumers with quality consumer products at competitive pricing with robust distribution processes. Suppose you are interested in purchasing an ultra-distribution business. In that case, our team of business advisors will meet with you to assess your capabilities and interests before providing information on buying processes and connecting you with sellers that match up with your criteria.

Ultraworld Promotions Private Limited was registered with ROC Kolkata on 19 February 2021 and has been in existence for two years and ten months, according to MCA records. Their AGM took place on N/A, while their balance sheet filing occurred on N/A.


Ultra-world business is engaged primarily in direct marketing of Naturon and Ultra-world consumer products through direct and direct-to-consumer channels. The company has an integrated supply chain network across India, with manufacturing facilities located across various states and distribution/marketing networks in overseas markets. Established on 19 February 2021 (two years and ten months old), Ultra-world registered with the Registrar of Companies Kolkata as a Non-Governmental Company under directorships Kumudendu Mallick and Kaustav Kashyap Mallick.