TTCF Stock Price and Forecast


TTCF stock is an up-and-coming company poised to become one of the next big ones. It’s a stock you can purchase through the NASDAQ market. You can look at the company’s current price and see what it’s forecasted to do in the future.


TTCF (NASDAQ:TTCF) is a leader in plant-based foods. It manufactures and sells its line of food and white-labeled products to retailers. It sources most of its ingredients from Italy. In August, the company reported quarterly earnings. However, the company missed Wall Street’s top and bottom-line estimates. As a result, analysts downgraded the stock’s price target.

Investors were concerned about the company’s slowing growth. They wanted to know if the company could continue to maintain its business and reduce its cash burn. The company responded with a revised outlook for the rest of the year. It plans to cut expenses by $30 million by the end of 2023. It also plans to expand its presence in Walmart stores. Currently, the company is in about 300 Walmart stores. In addition, it hopes expanding its frozen shelf presence will help the company gain brand recognition.

The company is expected to increase its Walmart presence from five to thirteen SKUs in 2022. It also plans to expand its presence in several grocery chains. As a result, the company expects to make a positive EBITDA by mid-2024.

TTCF earnings report

TTCF earnings report summarizes the gap between a company’s expected and actual earnings. This is an essential measure for any investor as it allows them to better assess the company’s performance and make appropriate investment decisions. If you’re looking for a stock with solid potential, stocks with a 10% gap after a previous earnings call are an excellent place to start.

For a stock to have a “moon-shaped” gap after earnings, it needs to make a big difference in its price before and after the earnings announcement. Using this formula, TTCF has a big hole after its earnings. This means that its stock is likely to be volatile after its earnings. You can capitalize on these moves by investing in a TTCF option strategy. This benefits you from highly explosive price movements during the earnings call. However, it’s important to note that you cannot guarantee that this strategy will work for you.

TTCF stock price

TTCF’s stock price, like any other company, is impacted by its market’s supply and demand dynamics. It is also dependent on margins. If the supply and demand for TTCF’s products can be sustained, the stock may experience an upward trend. However, if not, then the stock is likely to see a decline shortly.

The TTCF is a plant-based food company with substantial revenue and profit growth in recent years. Unfortunately, its stock has also underperformed in the stock market in the last three months. The stock is currently trading at a 52-week low.

Wall Street equities research analysts have given the TTCF stock price 4 hold ratings. The most recent dividend is also linked to the most recent dividend date. The company’s annual dividend yield is also part of the equation.

The TTCF’s support price is calculated using 20-day stock volatility. The most impressive TTCF gimmick is that the company’s most recent product, TTCF’s new line of plant-based protein bars, reportedly has a higher sales volume than similar products from competitors. This is a positive sign, but margins are not conducive to a breakout.

TTCF stock forecast

TTCF stock forecast is a forecast of the company’s upcoming performance. A variety of different methods, such as the use of technical analysis tools, neural networks, and world geopolitical factors make this prediction. The results are then used to calculate the average 12-month stock price forecast for TTCF.

Analysts believe that the TTCF stock will lead to lower returns than the market. They have a “hold” rating on the stock. This means that investors should maintain their existing positions. Four Wall Street equities research analysts have issued ratings on the stock in the last 12 months. These analysts have not proven the market impact of their research.

The current EPS for the company is -$1.20. The EPS for the next year is expected to be -$0.39. The EPS for the next two years is predicted to be -$0.84 and -$0.27. The stock is expected to reach a low of $1.19.

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