Top Architecture Firms in Noida


Architects are essential when it comes to creating your ideal home. They take into account your needs, lifestyle, and budget when designing it – offering services like architectural planning, landscape architecture, and interior decor projects.

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Ashirwadum Architects & Developers

Ashirwadum Architects & Developers provides architectural and interior design services. From residential to commercial designs, interior renovations, turnkey solutions, and turnkey solutions – their services cover it all! Founded in 2009 with a team of seasoned professionals committed to offering their clients top-tier service, their goal is creating spaces that are beautiful yet functional – an aim that they achieve successfully!

Professional landscape architects can help you design the ideal garden, lawn, or yard space. Additionally, they can develop plans for entire complexes or building structures. Their services will make your property much more aesthetically pleasing and increase its value, but be careful in selecting one – make sure their reputation is impeccable and their plans can be carried out effectively.

If you are searching for a landscape architecture design company in Noida, using the internet can be helpful. Many of these firms maintain websites where you can gain information about the services they offer as well as read customer reviews to make your choice. When making your selection, always opt for one with a solid online presence and excellent customer support – this will guarantee that no scammers take advantage of you.

Chaukor Studio

Chaukor Studio is an award-winning architectural firm with more than eight years of specialized experience in Villa and Office Interior design. Their primary goal is to deliver user-centric and eco-friendly solutions – something they refer to as Regenerative!

Chaukor is named for the humble square, an integral component of architectural language and one of the most widely utilized geometric shapes in society – its simplicity symbolizes dignified utility, which Chaukor incorporates into all their projects for functionality and beauty simultaneously.

Arch House: Reimagining an Iconic Architectural Element The Arch House is an exploration of an iconic symbol used throughout architecture’s history – archways. The project uses this iconic element to create an interconnected space combining indoors and outdoors; its facade features arches and voids to form intricate patterns that emphasize its beauty as part of this traditional structure.

The Slotted House was created to highlight the urban need for outdoor and natural spaces to become part of everyday living. Composed of interlocking masses & volumes stacked to maximize external surface area and allow light & ventilation, this house represents our city’s need to embrace change while staying current with times.


Noida architecture firms with top designs feature teams of professionals dedicated to giving their clients the highest-quality designs possible. These teams combine creative insights, knowledge of feasibility, and practical experience to modernize traditional structures with innovative touches – offering Vaastu preferences as well as being capable of turning any space into an artistry work of art.

RLDA is a design firm that has worked on projects as diverse as hotels, commercial buildings, and residential homes. Their approach to designing is founded on the belief that no two buildings share identical identities; each must reflect its function and context individually. Their strategy includes experiments in form, image, and material explicitly tailored to each project’s requirements.

The firm, created by Priyanka Khanna and Rudraksh Charan, specializes in multidisciplinary design practice, focusing on creating spaces that are contextually appropriate while eco-conscious. Their projects use passive strategies such as greenery to reduce energy demand. Furthermore, the studio strives to foster community among clients and employees. Their work has been featured widely in architectural journals around the globe. They maintain offices both in India and the US.


DSHELL provides interior architectural services at competitive rates. Their team of professionals is dedicated to the success of your project and will offer complete transparency and communication throughout. Furthermore, DSHELL also provides consultation services so that they can guide or advise you as you wish during the design process.

This firm specializes in residential and commercial architecture, having received international acclaim and awards. Their projects have won them international acclaim, while its designers draw inspiration from nature to design buildings that are both beautiful and functional. Working closely with clients ensures their ideas are integrated into the final product.

This company is known for its stylish and inventive designs that combine cutting-edge technologies with traditional materials. Their team of architects and designers is committed to helping make your dreams a reality while working to reduce energy usage and waste production.

The firm is a multifaceted design practice specializing in architectural, interior, and urban projects across a range of design fields – architectural design, interior design, urban planning, and research/development of innovative technologies for buildings, as well as creating software systems to facilitate better decision-making when designing/constructing structures. Their core belief is that buildings should reflect their surroundings while meeting changing human needs while adhering to context/community expectations. They believe that a building must respect its surroundings/community while remaining responsive. They offer services for architectural practices, research/development of innovative building technologies, as well as research/development initiatives of creative building technologies research/development for building technologies research/development in addition to architectural practices/consultancies/contracting construction practices/ contracting/project management projects/ contracts related projects/ construction contracts/ contracts/ contracts, etc.

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