Top 5 Graphic Design Companies in Houston


Houston is one of the best cities in the US for graphic designers, thanks to its strong job growth, low unemployment rate, and cost of living affordability. Here, aspiring graphic designers can establish themselves and launch a career.

Houston graphic design agencies that stand out are those capable of offering internationally competitive services that enable businesses to drive loyalty and engagement effectively. These firms understand local markets, audiences, and competitors to craft powerful branding.

Affinity Culture

Affinity Culture, established in 2019, is a full-stack agency. They specialize in IT services and e-commerce industries.

The team provides social media marketing and strategy services for their partner, managing analytics reporting as well as content creation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Affinity Culture’s web and e-commerce development services for a fashion brand helped increase product sales through an exclusive custom platform.


Employing the services of a professional logo design agency is paramount for many businesses, and can assist you in reaching this goal. A quality agency will utilize cutting-edge technologies while creating designs tailored specifically to your vision and brand identity.

Houston is home to some of the state’s most creative hubs, packed with tech professionals as well as eager artists. Houston’s best graphic design companies seamlessly combine art and technology to deliver innovative solutions that elevate businesses to new levels of success.

922 Designs

922 Designs was established in 2006 with a small team serving clients in Houston and League City. Specializing in branding and advertising services.

They worked with an energy storage client to develop their new brand identity and packaging design, marketing collaterals, website, and SEO services – and increased social media engagement by over 200%!

MARION Marketing

MARION Marketing, located in Houston and boasting multiple awards in marketing and advertising, specializes in modern business solutions. Their award-winning services and name-brand products and services have made an impressive mark among Houston businesses, and when your ad agency needs a one-stop shop or fully managed and branded solutions delivered on time and within budget – look no further.


Houston boasts both an expanding tech scene and vibrant arts culture, creating the ideal conditions for creative agencies to elevate established brands through artistry and innovation. These Houston-based agencies combine art with technology to deliver bold ideas for some of Texas and the nation’s most iconic companies – be it creating brand images, developing digital campaigns, or revamping websites.

Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press offers businesses of all types the resources and support needed to design, print and promote themselves effectively – from graphic design and printing services to work-life balance support and proven business models. If this sounds like something your organization could benefit from, Minuteman Press could be an excellent option. As a family-run franchise with flexible work arrangements that provides support services as well as great work-life balance benefits – don’t hesitate to check them out today.

Minuteman Press was established by Roy Titus in 1973 and began franchising in 1975, serving businesses throughout Long Island with marketing materials, digital printing services, and more.

RMH Marketing & Media

RMH Marketing & Media was established in Houston, Texas, as a small agency offering graphic design, branding, and marketing strategy services in 2005. Their small team of specialists provides solutions tailored to each of these services.

RMMH Marketing & Media also completed a full brand redevelopment for a commercial real estate firm, including a redesign of the logo, color scheme, and retail packaging as well as an impressive website.

Raven Creative

Raven Creative is a marketing and design agency offering services such as brand identity, branding, marketing campaigns, advertising, and photography. Additionally, they have expertise in email marketing, digital media planning/buying/copywriting/content development services.

Houston’s vibrant tech culture also features a robust artistic community, and Houston’s creative agencies seamlessly merge art and technology to bolster established brands.

Discover Itech

Discover Itech is a midsize graphic design firm located near Houston with plenty to offer its clients. Services available to them include web design, UI/UX design, and e-commerce to name just some of their specialties. In addition, Discover Itech also boasts an expert team of marketing experts dedicated to building winning digital strategies and engaging customers online.

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