Top 5 Android Apps For Reddit


If you’re looking for the perfect Android app for Reddit, there are a few to choose from. Some of these are: Relay, Joey, Slide, and BaconReader.


Joey for Reddit is a free, third-party app that allows users to enjoy the popular social news site to the fullest. It offers a clutter-free reading experience and comes packed with lots of exciting features.

Joey for Reddit lets users follow posts and comment on them. The app also includes a video downloader, which you can use to download videos with sound.

Aside from that, Joey for Reddit gives you the freedom to customize the interface. You can choose from a range of layouts and colors, and you can also customize the settings of the app.

For example, you can enable unique visual elements on the app, or you can change the color of your username. Likewise, you can select the number of notifications that you want to receive.


Relay is an Android app that allows you to interact with your fellow redditors. It features a sleek interface with Material Design. As a result, you can browse Reddit more effectively. You can also customize your experience by choosing a theme and enabling custom fonts.

Relay is an open source application, which means you can install it without paying any money. However, you need to have the latest version of your device’s firmware. In addition to that, you will need to connect to your Reddit account.

While the official Reddit app is decent, it doesn’t have nearly as many features as other third party apps. With a few tweaks, Relay can bring some much-needed customization options to the table.


If you’re into Reddit, you’ve probably come across the Slide app. The app is a mobile-optimized version of the site’s official browser. It’s a remarkably powerful tool that lets you customize the site’s appearance.

You can even subscribe to new features as they become available. One of the most useful features of the Slide app for Reddit is its ad-free nature. In addition, the site’s content is viewable offline.

Other cool features include a popup comments view and data-saving opportunities. You can also customize the app’s appearance with one-tap color schemes and column configurations.

While the Slide app for Reddit is free to download, there are some premium functions that will improve its performance. These include full backup to Google Drive, an auto night theme, and a swiping layout.


Redditoria for Android is a great alternative to the official Reddit app. It has a unique take on Reddit and is built with simplicity in mind.

There are many features to choose from. Whether you’re on a phone, tablet, or PC, you can get everything you need from this app.

The UI is simple and intuitive. With a few clicks, you can view posts, comment, and vote on topics. You can also save and share content, and pin subreddits.

The Reddit app for Android is free to download. It supports several image hosts including Tumblr, Imgur, and Flickr. Additionally, it has full support for Reddit mail.

The Reddit app for Android also includes a widget. This feature lets you browse and post to Reddit directly from your home screen.

Infinity for Reddit

Infinity for Reddit Android is a feature-rich app that offers seamless browsing experience. It can be used to browse and post in the world’s largest social media website, Reddit. The app is free and comes with multiple features, such as a sleep mode, ad-free feed, and more.

Although Infinity for Reddit is a new entrant to the Reddit app market, it has gained quick popularity. With an active developer, it is definitely a promising contender.

What makes this app different from the rest of the pack is its ad-free feed. Unlike most of its counterparts, Infinity for Reddit is an open source app. This means it is available for all mobile devices.

Reddit BaconReader

BaconReader is a Reddit application that was recently released by OneLouder. BaconReader is designed for those who use Reddit on their smartphones. This app provides an intuitive interface for browsing and viewing the content. It also supports multiple accounts, so you can share content on your favorite subreddits with your friends.

BaconReader is one of the most popular Reddit apps today. The app is supported by over 5 million Redditors.

BaconReader allows you to view the best Reddit content quickly and easily. You can scroll through top subreddits, see karma, and upvote or downvote a post. The application is also very intuitive, allowing you to customize the interface.

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