Top 10 Best Friend Manhwa


No matter what kind of romantic or action-packed reads you enjoy, we have something perfect. Check out these top ten best friend manhwa to read right now!

Jieum Ban, who has reincarnated into her nineteenth life, attempts to mend relationships from her previous lives. This isekai tale will appeal to readers who enjoy romance and solid character development.

1. He Can’t Be This Dumb

Chanyoung doesn’t know it yet, but Heesu harbors hidden feelings for her. While listening to Chanyoung’s problems with her girlfriends and providing impartial advice, Heesu hasn’t experienced true love yet.

He Can’t Be This Dumb is a delightful, wholesome romance manga for adults written and illustrated by Active Volcano and Salmong, offering humor and romantic and harem elements.

Doha’s life becomes complicated when she learns about transferring to Gukje Island High, an exclusive private school for the rich. There, she meets Rowoon – her ideal man in terms of looks, intelligence, and loyalty – except he happens to be a dating dummy!

Habinyu and Salg’s mature manhwa about alpha and omega is sure to draw readers in, with its heart-wrenching plot and endearing characters making this must-read material for romance fans.

2. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty. It is an enjoyable watch in more ways than one, despite its cheeseiness. It looks darkly at society’s obsession with physical appearances in a realistic university environment where many students are shallow and superficial. Mi Rae finds herself learning who she can trust while discovering who understands who she is – all this while experiencing love with Do Kyung Suk.

Kang Mi Rae (Lim Soo Hyang) was bullied throughout her school career for her looks, prompting her to have plastic surgery to start over fresh. Though initially, this plan seems successful, as soon as she arrives at university, it becomes evident that people can identify her new look, leading her to question herself and doubt herself further. She begins receiving ridicule from those who recognize the extent of her plastic surgery procedure and starts making comments that break down her faith in herself and cause her self-confidence issues.

One difference between the drama and webcomic is Oh Hyung Jung joining the cast, though her presence doesn’t change how the story plays out. This romance provides viewers with a fun viewing experience while teaching them that true love should look beyond outer appearances to find one another.

3. Survive As The Hero’s Wife

Tower of God (Sin-ui Tap) offers an emotionally captivating and realistic manga reading experience, which follows Bam as he lives life under its titular tower and goes up after Rachel goes missing, only to face numerous dangers and difficulties on their journey towards finding each other again.

If romance manga is what you enjoy reading, look no further than Shall We Have Dinner Tonight? This romantic comedy offers three unrequited love triangles and some steamy scenes, perfect for readers of yuri and romance manga alike! From start to finish, you will be entertained and engaged by this read.

Seasons of Blossom is another superb romance manga. Not only does this manga feature some passionate romance scenes, but it also delves into the complexity of friendship relationships – it explores their intertwining and collision, making this piece so appealing to fans.

4. Sweet Home

If you’re into high-octane, action-packed thrillers, this one’s for you! Not only is it fast-paced, but it also explores more prominent themes like humanity and survivalism.

Modern Zombies adds a unique spin to the zombie apocalypse story: instead of being overrun by monsters, our heroes find themselves trapped inside an apartment tower block, forced to collaborate for survival against various types of threats – shapes, angles, and expressions all come into play here in a highly dynamic artwork style that keeps audiences guessing!

Sweet Home has its share of flaws; for instance, it never explains what caused the monster infection and leaves many questions unanswered – such as why some characters experience symptoms while others do not and why they are more susceptible than others to being bitten.

Sweet Home remains an enjoyable read despite its flaws. It is packed with engaging plot twists that will keep readers guessing chapter after chapter, and it is refreshing to see a manga not solely focused on romance; give this manga a chance, and you won’t be sorry.

5. The Strongest Florist

Reincarnated Villainess manga are still quite popular and offer something fresh and amusing, like Dallas. Perfect for readers seeking something lighter than their typical vampire and martial arts stories!

New World, another title reimagined as a villainess title that’s quite entertaining, follows an alpha who falls for an inferior omega and finds out their lover is both strong and fragile – adding further twists and turns to this tale!

Dead Days by DEY offers high-octane action at every turn, leaving readers spellbound by its gripping thriller that doesn’t shy away from its graphic depictions of death yet poses questions about human instinct and survival. Read Best Friends manga online free in English: it is written by Habinyu and illustrated by Salg.

6. Catharsis

If you need an outlet for some of your emotions, manhwa can provide an incredible sense of release. It’s also a great way to learn more about yourself and overcome obstacles more efficiently.

The story behind this manga is straightforward: an outcast finds himself thrust into an aggressive universe where they must fight internal emotional demons. Although our protagonist isn’t particularly charismatic or capable of leading his peers, he manages to pull through with help from Count.

Villainess manga (manhwa) is an increasingly popular genre that keeps coming out with new titles every year. What sets this series apart is not its protagonist wanting to change her fate as an antagonist but vice versa! Check out this manhwa to witness how Minju and Hayoon overcome their differences in this dramatic love story, which also features gorgeous art.

7. Cheese In The Trap

This manga is an all-time classic for anyone seeking an engaging story about childhood friendship, with a protagonist taken in by her childhood best friend’s violent and tragic past.

Though the concept of bullying in school systems may not be particularly original, this manhwa adds some unexpected twists. Instead of following traditional hierarchies of dominant predators, this school system allows students to move up or down according to their actions.

The writer of this masterpiece did an outstanding job bringing each character to life. From FL, who is a strong leader and alpha male, to ML who is an intriguing sociopath – each has their own story that unfolds throughout. This manhwa will make you laugh and cry simultaneously before leaving you wondering whether anything worthwhile was learned through all this drama.

8. Let’s Play

Manhwa manga offers an expansive variety of storylines. From an alpha falling for an inferior omega to an offended seme exacting revenge, there’s sure to be something suitable for every reader in this genre. Additionally, for those seeking something BL or more sexual, there are plenty of options as well – like princesses from foreign lands waking up to find they have kissed their true loves or deaf girls falling in love with cafe owners – these mangas will add drama and sexual tension into readers’ lives!

Orange Marmalade, which follows a high school girl and her best friend who happens to be a vampire, is a completed romance manga that’s both sensual and meaningful: it criticizes Korea’s harsh beauty standards while making an important point about how people are judged solely based on appearance. Hell & High Water offers more action with Dexter J Daley investigating an elaborate murder case alongside Sloan Brodie–both characters share great chemistry as partners and lovers.

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