Today Is The Day App Review


Today Is The Day is an innovative app designed to help users overcome procrastination at its core by targeting its root causes. Utilizing cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles, its exercises help change your thinking patterns while encouraging its community forum.

Free to use, the app offers numerous features – goal setting, time management, and habit tracking – in a clean design with an intuitive, straightforward user interface.

It’s free

The Today is the Day app is a free program that helps people overcome procrastination and reach their goals. Utilizing behavioral science techniques and daily habits to encourage individuals to take action and change their mindset, as well as tools and resources such as daily planners, motivational videos, anti-procrastination plans, and progress trackers; its foundation lies in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) research showing its efficacy against procrastination.

This program is intended to assist users with breaking down large tasks into manageable ones and provides several valuable tips and techniques, such as goal setting, time management, and habit formation. Furthermore, they offer various subscription plans tailored to different budgets and needs.

This intuitive app offers four main sections – Home, Planner, Progress Tracker, and Community Forum – dedicated to combatting procrastination: Planner allows users to break their goals down into small tasks that they can complete daily; Progress Tracker monitors users’ progress as well as rewards them when tasks are accomplished; while Community Forum connects those struggling with procrastination with those trying to overcome procrastination as well as provide advice from others trying to beat it.

It’s easy to use

The Today Is The Day app effectively solves procrastination by providing access to various resources and tools designed to boost productivity. Users learn how to break goals into smaller tasks and create daily to-do lists while tracking their progress – plus, this app encourages good habits while offering motivation and support through its community forum.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a scientific approach to helping overcome procrastination. Additionally, different subscription plans are offered to fit different needs and budgets; although this program is free to download, an upgraded premium version with additional features may also be purchased separately.

Today Is The Day is unlike other productivity apps in that it addresses the root causes of procrastination instead of simply increasing performance. It includes various tools and exercises to change negative thoughts and behaviors – mental exercise worksheets and journaling prompts – while there’s even an anti-procrastination mantra and step-by-step program to overcome procrastination altogether!

Today Is The Day’s stand-out feature is its ability to track your progress and set reminders, with its built-in journal providing an easy way of keeping track of achievements. Its user-friendly interface makes it an excellent productivity tool – money-back guarantees allow you to try this program risk-free! Plus, it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices!

It’s easy to set up.

Today Is the Day is an easy-to-use app to help procrastinators overcome procrastination. Utilizing multiple tools, the app uses data analysis and motivational techniques to help users improve productivity and establish healthy habits while motivating its community forum and daily challenges.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proven effective in helping individuals overcome procrastination. CBT takes an approach that seeks to address both its source and treat symptoms effectively and facilitates the formation of new habits by breaking them down into manageable pieces.

This app also offers additional features like daily challenges, mental exercise worksheets, and journaling prompts. Its goal is to rewire your brain and alter thought patterns so you can become more productive – its user-friendly interface makes it simple and effective, while CBT exercises may prove beneficial; plus, there is a money-back guarantee in case the results do not meet expectations.

Procrastinators need this app! With its intuitive design and range of tools to break tasks down into manageable chunks, track progress, and remain motivated, plus its ability to sync across devices for effortless access from anywhere.

This app is free to download, with subscription plans offering additional features for additional charges. Compatible with Apple Health, it enables users to track their health. In addition, its secure and encrypted storage system protects data, and an automatic backup feature saves your habit data to an iCloud Drive or Dropbox folder so it can be restored in an emergency; Touch ID and Face ID security features complete its offering.

It’s effective

The Today is the Day app is an effective way to overcome procrastination. Utilizing techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been proven successful. Furthermore, it helps break tasks into smaller components while managing time more effectively and providing motivation and support through its community forum.

This app offers several features to help you stop procrastinating, such as daily checklists, motivational quotes, videos, an anti-procrastination plan, and a progress tracker. In addition, the app helps set goals and form new habits by identifying and challenging underlying beliefs. Furthermore, automatic backup of habit data to your iCloud Drive or Dropbox folder for safekeeping is possible, along with Face ID/Touch ID locks protecting this sensitive data.

Procrastination-Fighter App This procrastination-fighting app is free for most users, while an upgraded premium version with more customized goals and ad-free browsing is also available at an additional fee. Its user-friendly interface and CBT exercises make it an ideal choice for people who struggle with procrastination.

The Daily Shutdown feature can especially benefit people who work too much. It enables users to set a daily timer that will automatically shut off their computers at a pre-defined time and share this time with colleagues for collaboration purposes, providing an ideal solution for combatting procrastination at work and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Furthermore, its analytics page shows your weekly workload in charts so you can stay aware of your workload hours while remaining motivated.

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