Toast and Berry is Opening a Second Location in Liberty Center Mall


A breakfast and brunch favourite on Montgomery Road, Toast and Berry is opening a second location in Liberty Center Mall. This popular eatery specializes in French toast. It’s so good; it takes up to 24 hours to make. There are several delicious flavours available on the menu. Here, you can pick your favourite flavour and get ready to satisfy your craving for French toast.

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This gluten-free, berry-filled breakfast menu is sure to please your morning crowd. Made with a blend of berries, maple syrup, and nutmeg, it’s an incredibly filling, delicious breakfast. To make the dish, lightly grease an 8-inch square baking dish. Place a layer of bread in the bottom of the pan and arrange berries on top. Next, whisk together the eggs, milk, and nutmeg. Pour the mixture over the bread-berry layer and sprinkle more berries on top. Then, serve.


Toast and Berry offer homemade French toast and mimosa flights for brunch. Patio seating is available. The brunch menu is simple but satisfying. The restaurant offers a light, casual atmosphere. Customers enjoy the free wi-fi and friendly staff. The prices are competitive, too. A full brunch menu will set you back $30.

The restaurant plans to open its first location in the Liberty Center in the late fall or early winter of 2022. The restaurant will feature 142 interior seats and 24 outdoor tables. It will also feature a full bar. A brunch menu will be available for guests to enjoy. In addition, a full bar will be open, and the restaurant will feature a patio.

The Toast and Berry brunch menu is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to start their day with a delicious breakfast. The menu features three jumbo slices of French toast dusted with powder sugar and covered with your choice of fresh or mixed berries. Prices are moderate, and the decor is beautiful.


If you’re in the mood for a delicious breakfast, brunch, or lunch, Toast & Berry is the place to go. Their menu offers a variety of tasty breakfast dishes and includes some excellent juices and coffee. You’ll also appreciate their fast service and reasonably priced prices. Not to mention the fantastic decor.


If you’re looking for something different than the standard breakfast and lunch fare, consider a trip to Liberty Center to check out the upcoming Toast and Berry restaurant. This restaurant is slated to open in late fall or early winter 2022 and will offer lunch and dinner options for the entire family. The menu is modern and includes new twists on traditional favourites. In addition, the restaurant offers daily specials and a 24-hour French toast brunch. There’s also a full bar and a patio. The opening date is set for late fall or early winter 2022.

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