The Thalassa Menu at a Greek Taverna


If you’re searching for authentic Greek seafood, consider visiting a taverna in Greece. They specialize in a fine-dining seafood menu, serving it in a chic, spacious space that evokes the Aegean Sea. They also have a complete wine list and hours that will fit your schedule.

Greek seafood taverna

The Thalassa menu at a Greek seafood taverna is a unique way to sample the various flavours of the Mediterranean. This upscale restaurant boasts a chic atmosphere and ample space with an air of the Aegean.

The name Thalassa means “sea” in Greek, and the decor is intended to transport you to the Greek Isles. The Thalassa decor combines exposed brick with white flowing curtains and a white marble bar. It also features flower-filled urns and a climate-controlled wine cave. The menu at Thalassa features classic Greek and Mediterranean dishes with a healthy twist.

The wine list at Thalassa is extensive and has the largest selection of Greek wines in New York City. The fish-market-style restaurant is well-known for its authentic Greek cuisine, including the signature phyllo-dough-wrapped scallops.

Greek gastronomical gala

Traditional Greek seafood is served in refined preparations, and the digs are sleek and modern. The menu offers a variety of fish, poultry, and vegetarian entrees. Greek wine is also a popular accompaniment. This is a great way to savour the culture and cuisine of the region.

Greek food is known worldwide and has a long history, beginning as far back as 3000 BC. The quality of Greek produce is unmatched, from its lapping waters to its rolling hills. This rich heritage of traditional cooking and ingredients makes Greek cuisine one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world. However, to enjoy Greek food, you must visit the country where it was first created. You must experience the unique flavours and the unique combination of flavours at the source. Enjoy Greek food on sun-kissed cobblestones with velvet wine and rich cheeses.

The Greek Ambassador to Kuwait and Bahrain is a member of the Chaine and has a Chevalier d’Honneur award. In addition to the Ambassador, the St Regis Hotel invited Chef George Papadopoulos of the Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, a resort in Halkidiki. He will present a variety of traditional Greek dishes using innovative techniques. In addition, the restaurant will feature a performance by Greek musician Kleoniki Demiri and pianist George Tsokanis.

Wine list

The Thalassa wine list is among the finest in the city. The Mediterranean-style restaurant is located in a historic building that was once a Greek olive warehouse. The wine list features 700 labels and includes a glossary of indigenous Greek varietals. The food is authentic Greek, with an emphasis on seafood. Scallops baked in phyllo dough are one of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

The restaurant also offers private rooms in the Gallery Lofts and Wine Cellar. The restaurant’s dramatic nautical decor and tri-level space make it the perfect setting for a wide range of gatherings. And during happy hour, you can enjoy half-priced specialty cocktails and select Greek wines by the glass.


The atmosphere at Hours of Thalassa is very relaxed and welcoming. The restaurant was founded in 2002, and the building was once an olive and cheese warehouse. Its interior is classically designed and very inviting. A fire show and traditional Greek dance performances add to the atmosphere. Hours of Thalassa offers an intimate setting for a romantic night or special occasion.

The restaurant is open Monday through Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays until midnight. It is closed on Sundays. You can find an excellent review of the restaurant at Wandering Foodie. They also have pictures. The food at Hours of Thalassa is not bad.

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