The Fortuna Hotel in Hanoi


Located in the heart of the financial district of the city, the Fortuna Hotel offers a wide range of services for its guests. From a butler-style mini bar to a business center, guests can expect a comfortable stay. The hotel also offers connecting or adjoining rooms and social distancing measures to prevent guests from becoming infected with Coronavirus.

In-room amenities include a butler-style mini bar

Having a butler-style mini bar in your hotel room can be a luxury. However, it can also be costly. Many hotels mark up the price of their mini-bar items to recover the cost. However, there are ways to make a hotel’s mini bar more affordable.

Many hotels will include mini bar items in the room price. Others will charge a fee for each item. In most cases, minibars cost a hotel more than it would cost to purchase them, so the hotel needs to balance the cost of these items with the return on investment. Some hotels will offer a package that includes items such as Champagne, caviar, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Some hotel rooms even feature a butler-drawn bath. These baths include scented candles and music.

In-room amenities may be reduced or unavailable due to Coronavirus

Guests should be aware that in-room amenities may be reduced or unavailable due to Coronavirus at Fortuna Hotel. While the property is taking measures to keep its guests healthy, the hotel does not permit guests to quarantine themselves. To stay safe, guests are advised to wear a face mask in any indoor common areas.

In the spirit of good health and safety, this hotel is providing free PCR tests for confirmed patients. The hotel also boasts an impressive list of safety measures and helpful staff to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The Innmare Fortuna Hotel is located in Concepcion Arenal 11 primero in Marin. It’s only 130 meters from the center of the town. It offers a range of rooms and suites suited to any budget. Its amenities include cable TV, a safe, a minibar, and hot water. The hotel also boasts a spa and an on-site restaurant.

Connecting/adjoining rooms are available

During a vacation, it is always nice to have your own private space, but there are times when a connecting/adjoining room is the best option. These rooms are connected by a door, and they are usually located next to one another. They are a great choice for families or friends traveling together.

While you can make a reservation online for an adjoining room, you may not be guaranteed that it will be available. This is because it depends on availability at the hotel, and the hotel may not have rooms available on the date you are looking to book. You can improve your chances of booking an adjoining room by calling the hotel’s front desk and asking for them.

Another option is to call a central reservation line. Many resorts have connecting rooms available, but they may only be available at certain times of the year. Some large resorts may only have a few connecting rooms, and the chances of getting one are slim during peak occupancy periods. During these times, it can be difficult to find connecting rooms, and some travelers may end up paying a bit more for a suite instead.

Additional beds are subject to availability

Whether you’re traveling to La Fortuna on your own or with a larger group, it’s important to make sure you know all about the property’s extra bed policies. The number of extra beds will depend on the type of room you choose.

There are two types of rooms available at the Fortuna Hotel. The first type features a private bathroom with a hair dryer, a safe, and carpeted floors. The other room type offers a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, and a desk. Each room comes with free toiletries. Guests can also enjoy a free breakfast, which includes hot drinks, sweets, and savory foods.

The property’s guest rooms are soundproof and come with free wired Internet access. Rooms are also equipped with a refrigerator and a flat-screen TV. The bathrooms have showers and free toiletries. If you’re traveling with a pet, you may be required to pay a pet fee. The hotel may also have a weight limit for your pet.

Social distancing measures

During the second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Vietnamese government implemented some social distancing measures to try and slow the spread of the virus. These included mandatory isolation, mass testing, and contact tracing. These are measures that are effective in other countries with the same outbreak. The Vietnam government also prompted Vietnamese businesses to transition to remote work.

While the government may have been the architect of the social distancing measures, the people are responsible for implementing them. While there was some debate about the effectiveness of the measures, there were no doubt some benefits to the implementation of the measures. These included improved cleaning and disinfection, and more personal protective equipment for staff. This is not to say that Vietnamese people were not satisfied with the measures.

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