The Buzzed Bumble and Other Buzzed Bumbles Are on the Cypress Social Menu


The CYPRESS SOCIAL offers several menu options. These options range from a pre-set menu to menus that cater to special events. There are a variety of alcoholic beverages available to complement your meal. The menu includes classic favorites like a Buzzed Bumble.

Buzzed Bumble

If you’re looking for a new spot for a drink and a good time, consider Buzzed Bumble on Cypress Social’s menu. It’s a fun and lively cocktail that will change color when stirred at the table. The drink starts with gin and lemon but adds a Grapefruit Radler for extra effervescence. It also features honey syrup for a deeper sweetness and added fun.

Grey Eyed Goddess

In celebration of the arrival of spring and summer, Cypress Social has rolled out half a dozen new cocktails on their menu. A full collaboration between head bartender Samira Morshedi and mixologists Rob Armstrong and Jacob Sawrie has resulted in drinks that showcase the bar’s variety and flair. From the lively Buzzed Bumble to the complex, erudite Grey-Eyed Goddess, guests are sure to find a drink they’ll love.

Lemon Berry Mule

One of the most refreshing drinks on the Cypress Social menu is the Lemon Berry Mule. This drink is a fruit-forward and refreshing concoction that is perfectly suited for the outdoor deck. It is made with a strawberry-cherry puree and blended with 360 Huckleberry vodka for a tart finish. It also features a bit of a bite from the good ginger beer. It is a refreshing drink that’s easy to drink and will make you want to visit the restaurant for more.

Heavens to Betsy

The Cypress Social is an entirely new restaurant that’s located in the remodeled building that was formerly Cock of the Walk. The building itself is made from reclaimed cypress wood. The space includes six carefully designed areas, including a patio.

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