The Best Dreamcast Games of All Time


Whether you’re a video game fan or you’re just looking for the best Dreamcast games, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the most popular games of all time, and some of the best games of all time that you can’t find elsewhere.


During the holiday season of 2000, Shenmue made its way to the Dreamcast. The game was created by Sega’s AM2 team, known for their Virtua Fighter series.

Shenmue is an adventure game set in simulated 1980s Japan. The story follows a young martial artist named Ryo Hazuki. He seeks revenge for the murder of his father. In order to pursue the killer, Ryo must gather clues from NPCs. He eventually learns that the killer is heading to Hong Kong.

The game was a hit in its time. In the year 2000, it was one of the best-selling video games in the world. The game sold more than 70 million copies worldwide. It was one of the first open-world games and received positive reviews for its soundtrack, graphics, and ambition.

Crazy Taxi 2

Designed and developed by Hitmaker, Crazy Taxi 2 is a sequel to the original. It is an arcade racing game with a few new features. Unlike the first game, this one lets you pick up more passengers and is compatible with multiple players.

The title is based in New York City, where you can drive your taxi through the city’s various neighborhoods and pick up more than one passenger at a time. The game also has several new features, including the ability to hop over obstacles. This is especially useful in cities like New York where traffic can be a nightmare.

Phantasy Star Online

Originally developed for the Sega Dreamcast, Phantasy Star Online was the first MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) to be released on a console. The game was designed to be played online, with up to three other players, with each person controlling their own character.

This online multiplayer aspect was an important part of the game. The game featured dungeons and other areas where players could engage in combat. The combat in the game incorporated exploration and plot development. Players would need to find materials and complete missions in order to advance through the game.


Compared to other Dreamcast titles, Soul Calibur is a unique and exciting game that is well worth your time. It’s a fighting game that features one to eight players. Each character has its own special moves, and the stages feature intricate graphics and special effects.

The character models are improved, with high polygon counts and sharp textures. The animation is smooth and the sound is rich. The game features a number of game modes, including versus and team battles. The game also includes a practice mode.

The Dreamcast version also includes new costumes and game modes. The stages are redesigned to feature deeper depth than any other 2D fighting game.

Virtua Tennis

Despite its flaws, Virtua Tennis is one of the best Dreamcast games you can buy. The game features excellent graphics, fluid animations, and good in-match sounds. It also has a unique exhibition mode where players can choose the length of the match, the type of court, and the rules.

It also has a fun and interesting World Circuit mode. In this mode, players can take on a variety of challenges in different locations. They can try to lob a tennis ball into a trash can, knock crates off a tennis court, aim at a bullseye painted on the court, and many other fun things.

Daytona USA

Despite the fact that it wasn’t released until 2001, Daytona USA on Dreamcast is an impressive arcade racing experience. It features eight tracks, a slick presentation, and mind-bending speeds.

In addition to the classic Daytona USA gameplay, players can take their game online. Players can also customize their cars, tires, and engines. The game also features a nifty number of hidden vehicles.

In addition to the traditional Daytona USA arcade experience, the Dreamcast version comes with three exclusive tracks. It also includes four cars, a spine card, and an impressive number of cars.

Grandia II

Originally released on the Dreamcast, Grandia II has been remade on the PlayStation 2. The game was designed by the same team that developed the first Grandia but features a more mature storyline.

The game features colorful characters, a sweeping fantasy, and a swashbuckling story. Its battle system is also quite good. It features a free-flowing and quick-paced battle system, with all of the characters running around and dodging each other. It is one of the best RPGs on the Dreamcast.

The characters are essentially modern-day mercenaries. They are called GeoHounds. They use magic spells to attack their enemies. These magical attacks are also animated well, especially in the FMV.

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