The Benefits of Zillow Buying Homes Reviews For Real Estate Agents


If you’re in the real estate business, you know that positive Zillow buying homes reviews are vital to your success. Not only do they attract more customers, but they also help spread the word about your real estate business. Plus, they’re cheaper than hiring a real estate agent. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Zillow buying home reviews.

Positive Zillow reviews are the lifeline of any online real estate business.

As a real estate agent, it is essential to encourage your clients to leave positive reviews. Ensure you include a link to your review funnel in your email signature. You can also send a reminder email to your clients if they haven’t written a review yet.

A positive Zillow review can boost your online real estate business in many ways. It will not only get you more exposure, but it will also increase your client retention and referrals. However, you can’t respond to every negative review. If you receive a negative review, you should respond in a polite and non-defensive way. In addition, you should acknowledge the customer’s concerns and offer a resolution. Inviting them back to experience your services is also a good idea.

While you might want to sue Zillow for publishing bad reviews, you can’t sue the company for defamation. While a negative review can damage your business, showing the client that you care about them will increase the chances that they will refer you to others.

They attract more customers.

Zillow is a real estate company that focuses on buying homes at median prices. This means that they are not looking in upscale or unique neighborhoods. It is also not targeting lower-income areas. The company started in Atlanta and Phoenix. Since then, the site has expanded to many cities.

The reviews on Zillow can play a significant role in influencing a buyer’s decision. A single positive review can turn a casual user into a customer. Therefore, it’s essential to try and get as many positive reviews as possible. This means ensuring that the reviews are as genuine as possible. However, this doesn’t guarantee that the reviews will be positive. To get more reviews, realtors may buy quality reviews from Zillow users.

They help you spread your real estate business.

If you’re thinking of spreading the word about your real estate business, you may want to start by asking your clients for reviews. The reviews will help other consumers see what to expect from your services. 86% of sellers and buyers say that the quality of an agent is a high priority. Ask your clients to write a review and post it to your Zillow Premier Agent profile. When buyers and sellers search Zillow for a home, it matches them with a real estate agent based on reviews, listings, and sales.

However, you must be careful when responding to reviews. You might get into legal or ethical trouble if you respond too quickly or in an overly personal way. You should contact your legal team to protect yourself if you get a negative review.

They are cheaper than traditional real estate agents

While Zillow buying homes is cheaper than using a traditional real estate agent, the company’s strategy comes with some risks. A regional monopoly firm can only charge so much before people stop bidding, which means it will have to price the home fairly. The company’s algorithms for buying homes may be flawed and could end up selling homes at a loss.

The company tries to buy homes at a median price and avoids exclusive, unique, or low-end neighborhoods. Zillow started out buying homes in Phoenix and Atlanta.

They are better than traditional real estate agents.

You may think using an agent is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be. Many people find that they save money using a Zillow buying homes review. For example, a real estate agent will charge 5% or 6% of the sale price as their commission. Half of that commission goes to the agent who represents the seller, while the other half is paid to the buyer’s agent. That said, 83 percent of home sellers enlist the assistance of a real estate agent.

Another great advantage of Zillow buying home reviews is that the information provided is not limited to the price of the home. Zillow includes basic information such as pictures taken during previous listings and property records available publicly. However, this information does not provide a complete picture of the neighborhood.

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