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39, the popular bullet hell roguelike, now features pets for players to deploy on maps and fight alongside them. There are various pets available, including Rex the dog, Crabobble the crab, Cheshire the cat, DD-6 Shelly turtle, and Neemo goldfish!

DD-6 is an invading pet robot that fires burning lasers at enemies to inflict massive damage. His deployable skills reduce cooldown time and speed revival; Epic and Legendary abilities boost attack power and critical rate potential.


Crabobble is an adorable crab pet found in Chapters and can be leveled up through daily chances (low tier), Gold Keys (mid-tier), or Gems (multiple high tier chances). One of the best pets in due to his tremendous damage-dealing abilities – his Water Shot skill allows him to fire ranged water bullets that deal immense amounts of damage across multiple enemies at the same time! Additionally, Crabobble features an ultimate attack rate and critical damage increase.

Murica is another beneficial pet in the game, being quick and powerful enough to deal immense damage. Her first ability, Dervish, allows for faster movement for short periods, while her Crush skill deals out massive damage when activated; its activation rate of 5%, however, can prove challenging to obtain.

Neemo is another fantastic pet that can be utilized in She serves as an excellent damage dealer, with her close-range Scratch attack doing significant amounts of damage at close range. This attack has an acceptable cooldown timer and becomes even stronger over time as Neemo levels up – her deploy skills also allow her to boost EXP gains and collision damage reduction, which are all beneficial features of gameplay.

Gary was later introduced into the game through a Spongebob event, providing another special pet. When Gary moves, it leaves a trail of toxic slime that deals 200% ATK damage every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds – and also features a practical deploy skill that raises ATK by 30% while decreasing skill cooldown by 30%, making Gary an influential tank but without as high damage output as the other pets in this Tier list.


Pets are an invaluable addition to any survivor’s arsenal, providing extra damage and increasing stats. Players can collect, upgrade, and deploy them by tapping the bottom button on the screen. Pets can be leveled up by expending resources – this allows them to gain new abilities that either increase their stats or strengthen those of survivors alike.

This adorable cat can deliver severe damage through its close-range Scratch attack, becoming stronger and faster with every level up. Additionally, its Nine Lives skill can help players stay alive during intense co-op battles by rejecting fatal damage and healing the team.

Rex is another powerful pet, capable of dealing sound damage with his Cacophonia skill that causes enemies to scream with fear and take 250% ATK damage. His ultimate allows him to take 30% of all damage directed toward survivors – however, unlike other pets that have unlocked Epic or Legendary skills, he does not receive any benefits from upgrading his skills beyond an Excellent grade.


Pets are deployed companions that assist your battle in As with their owners, these companions can be leveled up and improved to increase stats or gain new abilities that benefit the survivor they’re attached to. Furthermore, pets can be evolved to the next rarity level by merging three identical ones or upgraded by purchasing blue relics either dropped by killing enemies or purchased through the store for real money – eventually rising all the way up to epic rarity level!

DD-6 is an advanced pet robot that fires three laser beams that deal 400% ATK damage, making him ideal for quickly clearing an area of enemies while increasing damage by 25% as it levels up. His epic deploy skills help reduce skill cooldown time faster, revive faster, reduce damage taken, and boost its inherited ATK rating – making DD-6 one of the best pets for mitigating incoming damage.

Rex is another effective pet, thanks to its Cacophonia attack that unleashes waves of noise at enemies at 250% ATK damage each. These waves travel in waves across large areas, making this pet ideal for dealing with massive AoE damage. Furthermore, its legendary assist skill enables it to absorb 30% of surviving player damage for 5 seconds!

Croaky is an amusing pet frog that uses acid spitters to attack enemies over time, leaving behind damaging effects that linger and become stronger over time. His deployment skill gives it more range, priority, and experience gained, as well as increasing EXP earned and Crit Rate. His legendary skill freezes time when the survivor drops below 30% HP for five seconds, making them virtually invincible during this period.


Pets can be leveled up to increase their stats or boost those of survivors and unlock additional abilities when deployed during battles – these abilities may either be offensive or defensive and only used once after initial activation by one pet at a time; you can redeem these additional abilities by entering your User ID in the Menu settings.

Rex is an impressive pet with excellent attacking capability. His yell can cause some significant damage, and his deploying skill deals wide-area damage. Unfortunately, he falls short in terms of defense due to limited deploying skills being offered; however, evolving him to Epic grade will give a massive increase in both critical damage and rate increase for survivors – making him worthy of inclusion on this list’s S Tier.

Cheshire is an invaluable pet, offering support in Co-Op games by reflecting fatal damage onto enemies while healing its team. Unfortunately, its low damage output prevents it from reaching A-tier status.

Murcia is a fast, high-damage pet with the “Crush” skill, creating a powerful tornado that hits multiple enemies simultaneously and penetrates their armor. However, its activation potential is severely limited as only 5 percent of deployment attempts trigger its skill.

Gary was added as a special pet later in the game through the Spongebob event, leaving behind an aggressive trail of slime that deals 200% ATK damage every 0.5 seconds when moving around. Unfortunately, Gary’s deployment skill cannot be upgraded for a more significant effect; therefore, it only activates once every 60 seconds.


Gary is an elite member of Negan’s Saviors who is often shown as violent and brutal. He beats up Aaron for leaving an insulting note for them and later beats Dwight at Negan’s behest. Gary appears obediently and follows all orders given by Negan, yet it seems he may dislike their leadership since he mocked Jadis’ corpse, thinking she had died, and spat upon it in mockery.

Gary is a very sarcastic character who enjoys making use of puns in his humor, often coming across as over the top and often coming across as bizarre to watch. Gary often reveals he dropped out of high school, as well as loving to rap and sing in his free time. offers players many pets they can collect to improve their stats and add fun to the gameplay experience. Some of the top pets include Croaky, DD-6, and Neemo; however, the ideal pet for any survivor io player will help them reach their goals more quickly.

Owning a solid pet in can increase a player’s odds of success in battle, so players must select one with solid stats and high ranks.

Survivor io is an immensely popular bullet hell roguelike for Android and iOS devices, known for its innovative new features like pets. To unlock them, the player must complete several quests within the game; once complete, they can select from their list and equip their pet with specific abilities – Gary even offers his exclusive assist skill! These assist skills are capable of increasing shot damage, collision damage, and reload speed!

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