Survivor Io Best Pet Guide


Pets are an integral component of Survivor io. Their presence assists the player during attacks with unique skillsets that increase attack output while simultaneously increasing lastability.

There are five pets included in the game, each capable of merging and evolving to achieve higher rarity levels until reaching epic or legendary status.


Crabobble is a crab pet equipped with the powerful Water Shot skill, capable of dealing massive damage at 500% ATK damage per hit point. The cooldown for this ability is 1.5 seconds, and its damage increases with level. Furthermore, Crabobble boasts support abilities such as decreasing survivor incoming damage and increasing battle EXP gain.

Neemo is another excellent pet that can provide damage from afar with its Bubble Bullet ability and boasts impressive resistance against damage as well. Furthermore, his deployment skills allow it to reduce shot or collision damage for survivors.

This turtle may appear slow, but it is an experienced warrior. Its deployment skill allows it to catapult itself and land hard with devastating force on multiple enemies at once. Furthermore, its support skills reduce survivor incoming damage while simultaneously increasing EXP gains and increasing lastability – giving this turtle its edge against adversaries!

DD-6 is an armored robot pet with impressive firepower. When deployed using its Satellite Cannon skill, its ability can unleash 1000% area damage at a location of your choosing and even freeze time for 5 seconds when HP drops below 30%, making DD-6 both an invaluable tank and damage dealer.


People of all ages enjoy playing the famous bullet hell roguelike Survivor! Io, but one way to increase its appeal is through collecting pets. These tiny creatures join you in battle with unique stats and skill sets that vary with each one. These pets can be obtained by opening chests on the Pet Screen by completing Chapters, each lasting 20 minutes with multiple boss battles along their path.

There are various beneficial pets in Survivor!.io, with some more valuable than others. One such dog is Neemo; this pup offers excellent all-round capabilities with its adorable face and excellent skills such as Whirlwind, which covers large areas while simultaneously penetrating multiple enemies; its levels will increase its attack and crit rate power while providing support by absorbing 30 percent of damage directed towards its survivor.

Rex is another reliable pet, capable of dealing sound damage via its Cacophonia ability, which affects a wide area and becomes more robust with each level gained. Furthermore, Rex provides defensive solid capabilities with its Utmost Loyalty skill that reduces damage from shots and collisions, while its final skill increases attack/crit rate by 5% for increased DPS.

Finally, Shelly. This turtle can catapult itself and land hard onto enemies with her Shockwave ability or use thorns to pierce through enemies with an attack range increase as she levels up. Her final skill provides massive upgrades in lasting power by decreasing cooldown and revival times significantly.


Pets in Survivor Io are small companions you can have that help your player perform well during battles. They can be obtained through quest completion or opening chests. There are various kinds of pets with unique capabilities – some have special skills that boost survivor stats, while others possess attacks against enemies that can take down enemies more efficiently than ever.

Are you searching for an offensive pet that can defeat multiple enemies simultaneously? Look no further than Rex! This cat can deal massive damage using his Scratch skill, which has a short cooldown time and increases in strength as he levels up. In addition, Rex also boasts Gargantua: an attack with a range that deals high area damage in front of the survivor.

Neemo is another highly effective pet that can deal heavy damage with its Bubble Bullet skill and attack from a distance with its Bubble Blast skill, with increasing damage as you level it up. Furthermore, Neemo’s legendary assist skill freezes time for 5 seconds when HP drops below 30%!

The DD-6 dragon pet is another excellent addition. This purple-colored dragon will increase your crit rate by 3% and damage by 6% if you can obtain one; unlocking one requires redeeming a code found within the game menu, entering your user ID in its settings page, and then redeeming that code to open it. Redeem codes even to get free energy, gold coins, and rare items like Army Keys!


Pets are special allies that can assist survivors in the battle to boost their stats and can be acquired either by completing specific achievements or purchasing them with gems. Each pet comes equipped with its own unique abilities that may aid the survivor in dealing with damage while others block projectiles; pets of high quality can prove especially helpful during battle!

Rex is the premier pet in Survivor io, being an intelligent canine capable of dealing sound damage through Cacophonia at a range that increases as it levels up. Rex also boasts solid support capabilities by decreasing damage incoming to its survivor while helping it earn EXP more quickly – its final ability even allows it to absorb 30% of all attacks directed towards it!

Shelly is a turtle with extraordinary abilities to catapult herself and land hard, creating an explosive shockwave to inflict significant damage on multiple enemies at the same time. Shelly is a hardened warrior – its skills make her very resilient; in particular, its final skill allows for reduced survivor damage while improving longevity.

This pet is one of the most beloved in the game due to its ability to deal tremendous damage quickly and consistently. With its Bubble Bullet that explodes on impact, this pet can attack from a distance; however, for optimal effectiveness, it should remain near its survivor for maximum DPS output. Furthermore, its Deploying Skill (which increases the Crit Rate and Skill Damage of its survivor) provides another huge boost that increases DPS significantly – plus upgrades allow more support skills or increase DPS even further! It can even be upgraded in its class or have its assist skill increased for increased DPS output!


Gary was introduced through the Spongebob event as an exclusive pet. As a snail, he leaves behind corrosive slime that deals 200% ATK damage every 0.5 seconds when moving, making him an A-Tier pet with numerous special abilities that make him genuinely formidable. For more details, check out Gary’s official post here.

Survivor!.io is an entertaining bullet hell roguelike for iOS and Android that continually adds new features, with one recent addition being pets – which allow players to deploy companions during battles rather than equipment or tech parts but still provide different stats and abilities to change how players approach playing the game.

Although some players might view the pet feature as a distraction from the actual game, it can actually be very addictive. Collecting and upgrading pets is just as satisfying as hunting down new gear and tech; furthermore, pets add another dynamic to battles!

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