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As more pet parents consider their animals as part of the family, an increase is being seen in pet services such as grooming, training, and homemade food production.

As consumers push for greater transparency in pet food products, pet food manufacturers are responding by adding unique ingredients, such as egg products, which offer greater cost efficiency than other protein sources.

ZYMOX® Skin & Ear Care

Pets suffering from allergies often exhibit itchy, irritated skin and ears. ZYMOX provides a line of products designed to soothe and care for your pet’s ears, skin, and mouth – from soothing irritations such as hot spots, dermatitis, and yeast overgrowth all the way through to infections or yeast overgrowth. Our all-natural, no-sting solutions contain no antibiotics, steroids, or harsh ingredients!

Veterinarian Pam Bosco established ZYMOX with the mission of revolutionizing pet care by harnessing enzyme technology for effective ears, skin, and mouth health care for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and exotic animals alike. Products featuring their proprietary combination of enzymes provide effective cleansing of infection-causing hot spots as well as treatment. Their safe formulation offers safe relief for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and exotics while simultaneously maintaining natural balance in ears without creating unpleasant odors or infections.

ZYMOX Otic Solution’s unique combination of enzymes gently yet thoroughly cleans the ears by dissolving wax build-up in them, thus decreasing ear infections while providing a healthy environment by eliminating bacteria, fungus, and yeast buildup.

Reduce itching due to ear irritation with this safe and quick solution recommended by veterinarians that reduces itching quickly. No pre-cleaning of ears is required before use – making this an effortless experience. No risk of ruptured eardrums is also present with this formulation, which is explicitly designed to be safe for external ear use.

The ZYMOX Ear Cleanser is a fast-acting formula that quickly relieves itching caused by mites, fungus, and bacteria in your pet’s ears. Combining protein, enzymes, and surfactants to gently but thoroughly clean their ears while helping prevent future infections, hot spots, and itching. Available with or without hydrocortisone to relieve itching as well as being corticosteroid-free (including pregnant and lactating females).

ZYMOX® Dental Care

Brushing is essential to pet dental health, yet sometimes, it can be challenging to keep up with. ZYMOX has an ideal product to assist – its water additive helps decrease bacteria while freshening breath and slowing plaque buildup – it’s safe and easy for pets of all ages!

This oral gel is a non-drying oral care solution for all pets needing everyday oral care that contains maximum enzyme contact to inhibit harmful odor-causing bacteria and remove plaque biofilm, all while relieving, soothing, and protecting mouth tissue against dryness. It includes the LP3 Enzyme System with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial enzymes like Lysozyme, Lactoperoxidase, and Lactoferrin, plus MD2, which works against bad breath. Recommended for all those in need of gentle, non-drying everyday oral care; no Xylitol, alcohol chlorhexidine, or detergents are present; safe for both cats and dogs!

Add Oratene Brushless Enzymatic Oral Care to your pet’s drinking water daily, and you will help reduce bacteria, freshen breath, and slow plaque buildup without needing to brush. It is an excellent addition to any oral care routine and especially beneficial for diabetics and cancer treatment medications that cause dry mouth.

It works perfectly for dogs and cats who do not drink enough water or who have difficulty maintaining an effective brushing regime. Add half a strip to their gumline morning, evening, or after meals – no xylitol, alcohol, or tooth-staining chlorhexidine are present, making this product completely safe for pets of all ages! This item comes from the U.S.A. in 2.5oz tubes with 90-day money-back guarantees as well as veterinarian approval.

ZYMOX® Grooming

Add Zymox(r) products to your grooming routine for a healthier and happier pet. Zymox shampoos and conditioners offer practical solutions for various skin and coat issues like allergies, dry or itchy skin patches, hot spots, and more; their LP3 enzymatic system has long been trusted and recommended by veterinarians due to its effectiveness.

The ZYMOX Ear Cleanser offers a gentle yet effective solution for cleaning non-infected, dirty ears. Using enzymes such as Lactoperoxidase and Lactoferrin to break down proteins responsible for waxy buildup, it won’t irritate sensitive ears while still leaving an appealing fresh fragrance behind.

Zymox Leave-On Conditioner can also be applied directly onto wet fur, either left in or rinsed off for optimal results. Its gentle enzymatic formula is pH balanced and tear-free and contains Avena Sativa (Oat) Extract to soothe itchy allergy skin while its rich supply of Vitamin D3 promotes overall good health in ears, skin, and coat.

All these products used Pet King Brands’s LP3 Enzyme System to offer relief for ears, skin, and mouth conditions in pets for over two decades. ZYMOX–the brand behind ZYMOX–commits itself to providing safe solutions without using antibiotics or harsh ingredients as possible.

The LP3 system found in these products has proven itself highly effective at eliminating bacteria and yeast, helping reduce odor, preventing infection, and keeping ears clean and healthy – leading to happier pets with fewer issues and reduced need for medication. Add these reliable products into your grooming routine for added peace of mind for clients entrusting their care for their animals with you!


Zymox products feature the innovative LP3 Enzyme System, a proprietary combination of protein, enzymes, and vitamin D3. This natural blend effectively removes the build-up of dirt and debris for healthier skin, ears, teeth, and mouth surfaces.

Zymox’s otic and topical solutions contain antimicrobial ingredients formulated from enzymes. This includes lysozyme, lactoperoxidase, and other proteins that work to destroy harmful microbes, such as bacteria or yeast, that cause infections. Enzymatic ingredients also act as natural anti-inflammatories to reduce itching, swelling, and redness while providing added relief to inflammation. Some products even include hydrocortisone for extra comfort against discomfort caused by itching or swelling.

ZYMOX(r) Otic Enzymatic Solution with 0.5% Hydrocortisone is an all-natural antimicrobial product for your pet’s ear canal, offering relief from bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections without using antibiotics. Safe for use on dogs, cats, and exotics of all ages – shake well before applying and repeat daily until the canal is clear – not suitable for punctured ear drums.

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