Samsung Galaxy Fit2 Review


Whether you’re in the market for a new smartphone, or simply considering upgrading from your current handset, the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 offers a lot of features that can help you stay in touch. From a wide 1.1-inch full color AMOLED display to a thin design, this device is sure to impress.

Battery life

Whether you’re looking for a fitness band or smartwatch, the battery life of the Galaxy Fit 2 may be the deciding factor. It has two weeks of battery life with minimal interaction, and that’s impressive. It also offers advanced tracking features, including sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring.

Compared to previous versions, the Galaxy Fit2 has a bigger battery and a better screen. It’s also capable of tracking five different types of exercise. It’s also more affordable. It’s available in black and scarlet. It has Bluetooth connectivity, which means it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. It also comes with a short charging cable.

In addition to tracking your fitness activities, the Galaxy Fit2 has a Hand Wash feature. It also offers notifications, a heart rate monitor, and a sleep score. It even provides tips to help you sleep better.

The Galaxy Fit2 also has a cool curved glass display. It’s also bigger, and has thinner bezels. The display features an AMOLED 3D glass display, and has 70 different face options.


Unlike the Galaxy Fit’s sexy cousin, the display module is not attached to the wrist. The display may be small, but the Galaxy Fit 2 is a hefty 159 mAh unit that is capable of delivering some serious heart rate monitoring credentials. The Galaxy Fit is capable of running continuously for over 14 days on a single charge. This is not to mention the Galaxy Fit’s feisty functionalities, such as being able to answer mobile phone calls on a handset.

The Galaxy Fit 2 may be best known for its sleep tracking capabilities, but it also has a number of other feats of science, including being the only wearable device capable of performing a 360 degree heart rate sweep. There are two main modes of operation, both of which are powered by a 159 mAh unit. The Galaxy Fit 2 also offers a number of other tricks up its sleeve, including being able to answer mobile phone calls, play a variety of music files, and control certain functions of your mobile device, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Companion apps

Choosing the right companion apps for your Samsung Galaxy Fit2 can be a daunting task. This device is designed for active people and includes a comfortable design and solid battery life. However, it lacks features such as music storage and Samsung Pay. Luckily, there are other alternatives. These devices offer similar features and offer a more customizable experience.

For example, you can use the Galaxy Wearable mobile app to change your watch face, adjust notifications, and customize settings. It also lets you manage and control your apps. You can sync your phone data and photos with the app.

You can also track your daily activities using the app. This includes steps, heart rate, and sleep time. The app also allows you to compete with friends and other swimmers. It also backs up your data to Dropbox.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit2 comes with the Samsung Health app as the default companion app. This app tracks your sleep, fitness, and nutrition. It also features the Discover tab, which includes meditation-themed audio and fitness programmes.

Sensor button

Unlike the previous generation, the Sensor button on Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is a capacitive button that hovers through the main menu cards and gives you quick toggles. The button can also be used to restart the watch.

With a simple swipe left, you can go to the data screen. Swipe right and you can go to the widgets. Then, swipe down for quick panel settings.

If you want to customize your Fit 2, you can download the companion app from the Galaxy Wearable app. This app will allow you to do things such as set up custom widgets, hide them, and change the order they appear on your tracker. You can also download different watch faces for your device.

The Galaxy Wearable app will also allow you to add a heart rate widget to your tracker. It can also show you trends of your sleep patterns over time. The app can also help you improve your sleep by providing you with tips.

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