Sale e Pepe Restaurant in Marco Island, Florida


If you plan a trip to Nantes, you can make reservations at Sale e Pepe. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible and has plenty of parking nearby. In addition, it offers a vegetarian menu and is located near the Gare de Nantes. There is also an extensive wine list to choose from.

Menu changes after Hurricane Irma

If you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience, don’t miss Sale e Pepe on Marco Island, Florida. The restaurant features an international staff and a spectacular view of the Gulf of Mexico. The Italian-born chef moved to the Marco Beach area from Las Vegas. Unfortunately, during Hurricane Irma, Sale e Pepe was closed. Fortunately, the restaurant was able to reopen quickly.

Italian cuisine

The Sale e Pepe menu is a fine selection of Italian cuisine that changes with the seasons and features local and seasonal ingredients. The chefs select elements based on their colour, flavour and texture. Many dishes are made in-house, and chef Angelo Marini is constantly searching for the freshest ingredients to include on the menu.

This award-winning restaurant is situated on the shores of Marco Island, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The restaurant’s interior is sophisticated, with ample seating inside and a lovely terrace. The service is superb, and the food is delicious. For a romantic evening out, Sale e Pepe is an excellent choice.

In Italy, people touch and point to their food. They do not use butter or oil on their bread and instead use it to mop up the sauce. There are no spaghetti bologneses, but instead tagliatelle al ragu, a meat pasta made in Bologna. Parmesan is usually served on the pasta, not on the plate itself.

Wine list

The Sale e Pepe menu is available online. It features descriptions of all the dishes as well as prices. The restaurant also offers reservations. Wine is an integral part of the menu at Sale e Pepe. You can try wines from the Sale e Pepe winery. The menu also features wines from small artisans.

The restaurant’s wine list has earned international recognition. Wine Spectator has been honouring the world’s best wines since 1981, recognizing restaurants with an excellent wine list. Sale e Pepe’s Executive Chef hails from Campi Salentina, Italy, and creates a menu inspired by his homeland. The chef incorporates local ingredients and South Florida’s fresh seafood to create a menu reminiscent of his native region. While the restaurant embraces the traditional cuisine of southern Italy, the menu also showcases progressive cooking techniques.


Sale e Pepe is a traditional Italian trattoria near Harrods and Harvey Nichols. It is known for its fresh Dover sole, calves liver and veal chop and also offers daily specials. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating. The atmosphere is casual yet sophisticated. The food is of high quality, and the service is excellent.

Sale e Pepe has been in business for more than forty years and continues to attract regulars worldwide. This Italian restaurant has a large outdoor terrace that overlooks the lagoon. It is an excellent option for people who want to experience fine dining and drinks in a beautiful location.

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