Revival Animal Health Reviews


Revival Animal Health Reviews are written by veterinarians to help you make the right decision for your animals. In addition, the products are affordable and the customer service is excellent. These factors are crucial when deciding on which product to purchase. However, you should not just go by the reviews and trust them blindly. It would be best if you also researched to ensure you’re buying the best product for your pet.

Dr. Roy Nielsen Jr.

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In 1989, Dr. Roy Nielsen Jr., also known as “Doc Roy,” started Revival Animal Health in his home. Since then, the company has expanded beyond vaccines and has grown into a full line of pet healthcare products. The company has two locations and more than 75 employees. It offers everything a pet owner could need, including a wide selection of medications and pet supplies. The company offers several exclusive products as well.

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Affordable prices

If you’re looking for affordable prices on high-quality animal products, you’ve come to the right place. Founded in 1998, Revival Animal Health is the first of its kind. The family behind the company is veterinary, so they know a thing or two about animal health. They’ve been in the industry for over 25 years and employ over 60 people.

Prices can be very affordable if you purchase your supplies in bulk. Some brands offer significant discounts, including meat treats, when you buy bulk. You can also browse the clearance rack for products at reduced prices. Revival Animal Health offers a wide variety of products, so you’re bound to find something affordable.

Another great feature of the product is its automatic rotation function. This means that you don’t have to worry about having to remember to rotate the bottles every single time. This feature makes life much easier and more convenient for busy veterinarians.

Professional customer service

Providing a comprehensive line of breeding, reproductive, and newborn care products, Revival Animal Health is one of the industry’s top suppliers of animal health products. Its Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Marty Greer, is a world-renowned canine reproduction and neonatal care expert. In addition, the company’s Learning Center provides free resources for pet owners to improve the health of their animals.

With over 30 years of experience, the company focuses on providing superior customer service and a dedicated team of experts in animal care. Their employees are committed to providing high-quality products that provide safe and effective treatment for your pets. They offer pet vaccinations, medications, and other products for dogs and cats. In addition, they offer pet accessories such as microchips and disinfectants. Moreover, Revival Animal Health ships orders nationwide and have two United States locations.

Revival Animal Health offers products for dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. Dedicated pet vaccination specialists are on staff at the company’s headquarters, and the company’s seal of approval ensures that its products are safe to administer. It also ensures the quality of its products with routine monitoring of vaccine temperatures.

Doc Roy’s line of products

Revival Animal Health is an international brand that sells quality products worldwide. Its products are available in many countries and can be purchased from trusted online stores. Revival Animal Health is an excellent place to start iSo if you are looking for a product for your small animal.

The company has a full line of products for puppies, kittens, adult dogs, and prescription medications. Their vets can fill prescriptions and offer advice on how to give your pet the best care. The brand also has a Learning Center with free breeder-friendly resources and a blog where they answer questions and share information with customers.

The products of Revival Animal Health were developed in honor of their founder, Dr. Roy Nielsen Jr., who had retired from full-time veterinary practice in 1989. He later teamed up with his son, Roy Nielsen III, who brought his pharmaceutical industry experience to the table. The company has been growing since then, and today has over 60 employees.

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