Repertoire Fashion – Buy a Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt

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The ‘Tiger’ graphic is a popular choice among Kenzo fans, and it has not waned since its introduction in 2013. Printed on sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps, bags, and more, the graphic is available in a variety of colours and styles. If you’re looking for a tiger sweatshirt with a bold, statement-making design, Repertoire Fashion stocks a wide variety of designs featuring the ‘Tiger’ graphic.

Authentic Kenzo sweatshirt

An authentic Kenzo sweatshirt is made of a soft cotton knit fabric on the outside with fluff-like underlining. A counterfeit version would be made of a stiff, dense fabric that is not comfortable to touch. In addition, an authentic Kenzo sweatshirt has an overlock seam on the side seams and sleeve line. You may also see a triple needle or double needle seam on the upper part of the back.

The logo of an authentic Kenzo shirt must be small and have a round or angled covenant. You should also be able to see the eerste label on the hals. The shirt should also be made of a quality yacht or neppe material.

Fake kenzo sweatshirt

When you buy a Kenzo sweatshirt, you must ensure that you get the real thing. An authentic sweatshirt should be soft cotton knit on the outside with a soft fluff inside. In contrast, a fake one would have a stiff, dense fabric and would not be very comfortable to wear. Also, a genuine sweatshirt will have an overlock seam on the side seams and sleeve line. Additionally, it would help if you looked for a double needle seam and feather stitching on the upper part of the back.

Another way to spot a fake Kenzo sweatshirt is to check its logo. The logo should have a small inkling, a round or angled covenant, and the eerste label on the hals. The trui should also have the streepjescode matching the kaartje on the binnenzijde.

A fake Kenzo sweatshirt will not have these stickers. A true made by Kenzo should be made of zacht katoen or a similar material. It will not match the colours of a genuine Kenzo sweatshirt. A true with neppe will be stiffer and denser than a true made by Kenzo.

A counterfeit Kenzo Tiger crewneck will have the letter “S” too wide, and the “PARIS” text is placed too close to the “KENZO” print. A real Kenzo Tiger crewneck will have horizontal and vertical text at the same font weight and placement. A fake tiger sweatshirt will also have the letter “K” and “Z” too wide.

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