Realtyna Reviews – A Review of Realtyna WPL Platform, CRM, MLS/RETS/IDX Integration, and a Lead Generation Bundle


Having worked in the real estate industry for over ten years, I’ve seen a lot of different realty software companies come and go. However, I have come to find that Realtyna is one of the most comprehensive real estate software companies out there. They offer a wide variety of different services and features to help real estate agents stay on top of their game. Among these services are a WPL platform, CRM, MLS/RETS/IDX integration, and a lead generation bundle.

WPL Platform

Whether you are a real estate agent or a real estate developer, the RealtyNA WPL Platform is a great tool to help you build a custom real estate website. The platform supports listing management, custom-built websites, search engine optimization, and listing-sharing capabilities.

The realty WPL Platform is a WordPress plugin that is designed specifically for the real estate market. The WPL Platform includes features such as custom maps, advanced search, a widget, and more. It has three different packages to choose from. It comes with support and is completely customizable.

WPL is a real estate web platform that connects your site to MLS Provider’s databases. The WPL platform includes a custom search widget and a carousel widget. You can also add an agent widget or vertical listing.

Lead Generation Bundle

Putting together an effective online real estate lead generation plan is no small feat. Even though online competition is increasing, there are still many ways to stand out in the crowd. With the right technology, you can improve your online presence and generate more leads, which is a win-win.

There are a variety of tools to help you do it, but one of the most useful is the Organic IDX CRM. This free software integrates with your website, so it can automatically update your listings. It will also help you manage your leads, close more sales, and gather more data about your website visitors.


Founded in 2007, Realtyna is a technology company that offers a range of online and real estate-related services. It offers a variety of online products and services for real estate agents, from lead generation to mobile apps.

One of the main products of Realtyna is its real estate CRM. This product helps real estate agents improve their customer relationships and get more leads for their listings. It’s also a great way to track and manage leads, which helps to streamline the lead generation process. It also helps to simplify the lead-gathering process and make it easy for agents to find potential buyers.

MLS/RETS/IDX Integration

MLS/RETS/IDX integration is a vital tool for real estate professionals. It provides an avenue for buyers to search for properties in local MLS systems. It’s also a critical lead-generation tool for realtors. The key to choosing the right IDX provider is to consider a few factors.

One important factor to consider is the amount of support offered. Real estate agents need customer support to help them get their IDX plug-ins up and running. It’s important to understand that while many IDX plugins offer basic features, some offer more advanced features.

There are a variety of real estate IDX providers to choose from. Some offer free MLS IDX integration, while others offer a monthly fee. Depending on your needs, the price range can range from $50 to $200 a month.

Support team

Choosing the right real estate software can be akin to selecting a spouse. Fortunately, some companies are more than willing to help you find the best deal for your hard-earned dollars. Some companies offer free trials while others charge by month or year. The customer service reps aren’t too bad about it. Some of the top-notch companies even offer a free one-year membership with no strings attached. Some companies even offer free training every month. The best part about it is that you’re not stuck with a contract if you’re not happy.

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