Prokty Clothing Reviews – Is Prokty Clothing a Scam?


If you want to know whether Prokty Clothing is true or false, you’ve come to the right place. The company is a scam and has been accused of false advertising, misleading customers, and removing negative reviews. Fortunately, there are alternatives available. Keep reading to learn more about these options.

Manipulating customers

Amazon’s policy on manipulated reviews states that manipulated reviews will be removed without warning. If you are concerned that a company is manipulating customer reviews, you should know that Amazon has a team of experts to evaluate the case. The company has also implemented Akismet to reduce spam, and it clearly explains how its comment data is processed.

It is important to understand Amazon’s policies and follow them to the letter. Intentionally manipulating customers’ reviews is strictly prohibited and could damage your business. It may even result in a ban of your account. The short-term gains will not outweigh the long-term costs. Instead of manipulating reviews, focus on improving the customer experience.

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