Procrastination App Reviews


If procrastination hinders productivity, these apps will provide tools and resources to stay motivated and productive. All are based on cognitive behavioral therapy to address procrastination.

Virtue Map is a mobile-friendly app that uses research-backed methods to help users break bad habits and adopt healthier ones. It features a community forum and daily challenges designed to break those down and free them of destructive behaviors.


Procrastination is an all too familiar problem, affecting everyone, from students to professionals alike. Luckily, there are apps designed to help stop procrastinating and get more done. These applications employ various strategies that use multiple techniques, such as motivation or eliminating distractions (some even use music!) to focus on your work more quickly and easily. Furthermore, these applications are straightforward and free to download; some even provide money-back guarantees!

Today Is the Day is an effective tool that provides motivation and support to overcome procrastination by teaching you to change your thinking patterns and establish positive habits. Additionally, this app offers various devices, such as mental exercise worksheets and journaling prompts, that make this an efficient solution for those struggling with procrastination. It features user-friendly navigation with guided questions to aid those experiencing procrastination issues.

Focus mode on this app offers a feature to reduce distractions. By blocking specific applications and websites across devices, its focus mode makes focusing more accessible than ever. In addition, its timer lets you know exactly how long you have been working; calendar apps may even sync up seamlessly. Finally, password protection prevents accessing blocked sites without entering an authorized password – available for iOS and Android devices.

Forest is another app designed to eliminate distractions, using beautiful visuals to keep you focused. Each time you begin a focus session, Forest plants a tree on your screen; as your concentration improves, more trees sprout. While Forest can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and iOS/Android app stores, its premium version also enables real-life planting of trees and synced progress across devices.

Virtue Map is another procrastination management app designed to help change habits and boost productivity. It includes daily challenges, goal-setting tools, a to-do list, and deadline reminders; it also offers in-app upgrades to use all its features at any given time.


Procrastination is an annoying habit, which can be overcome by breaking large tasks into smaller ones, improving time management skills, and building positive habits. The app provides tools and resources that assist users in breaking free of this bad habit, such as community forums, daily challenges, and motivational quotes to combat procrastination.

TodayIsTheDay takes an innovative approach to treating procrastination that goes beyond simply treating its symptoms. Our program features exercises based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) designed to identify and challenge thoughts that cause procrastination; additionally, there are multiple subscription plans to meet any budget or need.

This gamified, stop-procrastinating app helps you focus on your work by eliminating distractions and providing motivation. When starting each work session, a tree is planted on the screen of this application, which grows while you work – when leaving or using other apps on your phone, it dies away! Available both for Android and iOS devices, it is accessible to download.

Take a Five is another popular anti-procrastination app that uses a timer to prevent you from scrolling aimlessly through social media and other sites. Additionally, this app tracks progress toward goals and commitments while reminding users to meet them. Though its free version has limited features, upgrading to premium provides even greater functionality.

This app is easy to use and straightforward, though some might find its many features overwhelming. Furthermore, it isn’t explicitly tailored for procrastinators – yet it still makes for an excellent tool.

Overall rating

Procrastination can be difficult to overcome, and finding ways to break free can sometimes feel impossible. However, there are apps designed to aid productivity that may help. They aim to focus on what matters while eliminating distractions and encouraging healthy habits through daily challenges, motivational quotes, and community forums.

As the first step toward eliminating procrastination, you must identify its source. This will enable you to choose an app tailored specifically to your needs – for instance, if you feel overwhelmed by a large project, try breaking it into smaller tasks to reduce stress levels and get started sooner. Or try Take a Five for extra focus by closing distracting tabs when necessary.

Mindly can help you overcome procrastination by organizing your to-do list efficiently. This app offers features to prioritize tasks and view them on a three-dimensional timeline; furthermore, Mindly integrates with calendar apps and Slack for seamless use; it provides both a free lite version and premium plans starting at $6.50/month (billed annually).

As another option to combat procrastination, Forest offers an interactive stop-procrastinating app with its plant growth algorithm to encourage you to stay focused. In addition, this app removes distractions like emails and social media notifications and temporarily blocks your phone for a certain period.

Even though these apps can provide short-term relief, it is essential to remember that they won’t work unless you address your emotional state directly. As such, you must develop an understanding of why procrastination exists within yourself and learn ways of managing emotions effectively.

Today Is The Day is an innovative app designed to help combat procrastination by breaking large tasks into manageable pieces and providing motivation and support. It’s simple to use, the cognitive behavioral therapy exercises offered are practical, and its supportive community makes the app safe to use with no ads whatsoever.


Procrastination can be a complex issue to understand and tackle effectively, so it is vital to pinpoint its source. One approach to combatting procrastination is by breaking bad habits and creating new ones; there are various apps explicitly designed to assist this goal, with features like goal setting, time management, and habit tracking available, as well as motivation and support through daily challenges and community forums.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques are used in this app to assist users in overcoming procrastination. It provides various resources, such as daily lessons with actionable tasks, journal entries, motivational quotes, and videos; additionally, it has a progress tracker so users can stay on task with their goals and track their progress over time. Downloading and using the app is free, but subscription fees apply for additional features.

Many people struggle with resisting the urge to scroll through Instagram or Facebook while working, which can lead to procrastination and further distraction. There are various apps designed to keep your phone under control and avoid these distractions; one such app is Take a Five, which lets you set a timer and close the Instagram tab when that period has elapsed.

Forest is another helpful app that uses gamified techniques to encourage users to focus on their work. When starting a focus session on Forest, a virtual tree appears on your screen – should any interruption by phone come along, its virtual life ends!

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