Ol Roy Canned Dog Food Review


Ol Roy offers a selection of canned recipes claiming to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles; however, these products may not provide dogs with optimal nutrition.

Competitor A uses premium ingredients and offers various formulations tailored to different life stages and dietary needs, emphasizing manufacturing standards and quality control measures.


Ol Roy dog food is produced by Doane Pet Care Company, owned by Mars Corporation and considered one of the leading pet food producers worldwide. They provide both dry and canned formulas, with some recipes featuring meat and carbohydrates – so it is best to consult a veterinarian to establish which diet best suits your dog’s needs.

Affordable pricing and wide availability make the company an appealing option for budget-minded pet owners, yet ingredient quality may lag behind competitive brands in terms of transparency.

Ol Roy Cuts in Gravy canned foods feature chunks of meat drenched in delicious gravy for complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs. Each recipe uses ingredients such as beef, chicken meal, pork, potatoes, wheat flour, and natural flavors for extra flavor enhancement.

Ol Roy provides information about their sourcing practices and manufacturing facilities on its website while communicating directly with pet owners regarding concerns or inquiries. This level of transparency helps build trust between Ol Roy and its consumers; although Ol Roy has experienced controversy and recalls in the past, they have worked to enhance both processes and reputation over time.


Ol Roy is an affordable dog food brand with various budget-conscious recipes. Pet owners appreciate its wide availability at Walmart stores, which saves them trips to specialty pet stores. Unfortunately, some pet owners criticize Ol Roy for using cheap fillers like meat byproducts and grains and are critical of its manufacturing process.

Some competing dog food brands provide premium ingredients emphasizing nutritious foods and healthful fats and may provide customized formulations explicitly tailored to life stages or dietary needs – however, these offerings tend to be more costly than Ol Roy’s budget-friendly offerings.

Ol Roy offers budget-friendly recipes and options tailored for small breed dogs, including several recipes with low-carb content to maintain a balanced diet for your pet. Be wary, however, of products containing corn, wheat, soy, and carrageenan, which contain questionable ingredients that could harm the health and happiness of your pup; avoid those containing sodium pentobarbital, which is commonly used as a euthanasia agent since this chemical can be toxic to pets.


Ol Roy has experienced several recalls in recent years. In 2007, several products produced by this manufacturer were recalled due to being contaminated with melamine, a toxic chemical harmful to pets, while just months later, dry dog foods might contain salmonella contamination. More recently, in September 2008, their Complete Nutrition, Puppy Complete, and High-Performance Nutrition varieties produced at a Mars Petcare facility in Allentown, Pennsylvania, may have also been subject to recall for salmonella concerns.

Complete Nutrition’s product line offers several grain-inclusive dry dog food recipes with reasonable levels of protein and fat, such as meat-and-bone meals and poultry by-product meals as its primary sources. Soybeans and corn gluten meal are also present; some dogs may experience allergic reactions due to these ingredients, and specific formulas contain artificial colors like Red 40, Yellow 5, or Blue 2 that could irritate sensitive stomachs.

Soft & Moist dog foods feature delicate, moist, meat-flavored pieces designed for easier chewing. Their recipes often combine beef and chicken meat varieties without specifying their source; this may present issues for those dogs with specific food allergies or sensitivities. In addition, this food also uses certain additives, including sodium caseinate, carrageenan, and titanium dioxide.


Ol’ Roy dog food is produced by Mars Petcare US of Brentwood, Tennessee, and adheres to Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards for balanced nutrition in each life stage, providing balanced nutrition to our canine friends.

Controversies and recalls can damage consumer trust in brands, so companies must communicate openly and honestly with customers when problems arise. Ol’ Roy has done just this and taken measures to avoid future incidents.

Ol’ Roy adheres to industry standards while employing stringent quality control measures during its manufacturing process, such as adhering to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This helps them ensure consistent and safe products even as they produce them in large volumes.

Ol’ Roy pet food is an affordable solution found in most major retailers, providing both dry and canned options to meet the basic nutritional needs of most dogs. In exceptional circumstances or cases requiring special consideration, such as those involving allergies or intolerances, it may not be ideal – in this case, consulting with your veterinarian for guidance in choosing appropriate food would be wiser.

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