Nova Launcher 7 Review


Nova Launcher 7 is an advanced launcher with a wide range of features. It includes the ability to customize the applications drawer, the folder icons, and the App icon store. The application drawer is also enhanced with new features, such as a folder layout and the option to access the Google Discover page.

App icon store

Nova Launcher offers a lot of customization options. For example, you can adjust the size and shape of app icons, change the icon theme and add useful widgets to your home screen. These features can make your phone look and feel unique.

There are two main types of icons. The first is the regular rectangular icon. Android users often use this.

The other type is a teardrop icon. This is a unique Nova launcher icon. It has a very different look.

A lot of custom launchers have a different way of changing the icons. Some offer customization through the Icon Pack app. Other launchers toss the app icons on your home screen.

One of the most valuable features of Nova Launcher is the ability to sort apps by name. You can also create tabs and group your apps into groups. You can open the search bar in addition when searching for an app. Another helpful feature is the option to hide or show individual apps.

Enhanced folder icons and layouts

Nova Launcher 7 is out on the Play Store and has a few new features. The latest version has improved Settings, better gesture navigation, and some new folder icons and layouts. It also supports more pop-up menu options.

The updated Nova launcher has a “Radial” app folder layout, which arranges apps in circular patterns. In addition, this layout has a few tweaks and enhancements, including an auto-rotate feature and improved animations when opening and closing folders.

Nova Launcher includes a built-in app icon changer. Users can customize icon style, shape, and size. They can also change the background size, add or remove padding, and change the scrolling style.

Nova Launcher has a built-in notification badge, a small number on an icon to indicate whether the notification has been received. In addition, the badge can be changed to indicate other content, such as an unread count from a companion app.

Customizing the application drawer

Customizing the application drawer in Nova Launcher 7 lets, you tweak the appearance and shape of your app icons. You can change the size, background color, text, shadow, and more. Using a customized launcher can help your Android phone look how you want it.

Another feature in Nova is the tab bar. This feature is located in the Nova Settings. The tab bar is a shortcut that can help you quickly access certain apps. To open the tab, you can tap on its name.

Unlike the default Android icons, which lack style, Nova Launcher has many options for changing the appearance of your app drawer. Among the available settings are App Drawer Style, Icon Layout, and Folder Preview styles.

Setting Nova Launcher as the default home manager.

If you’re looking for an alternative launcher to the stock Android home manager, you should consider the Nova Launcher. Not only is it free, but it provides more customization options than most other launchers.

Nova Launcher allows users to customize the home screen, the search bar, and even the app drawer. It also includes a tutorial. In addition, the app has various gestures and widgets to help users get the most out of their devices.

A new version of the Nova Launcher offers a circle reveal and slide-up feature. These features make it more versatile than ever before. In addition to this, users can also access the Labs feature, which can add extra functionality.

To install the launcher, you’ll need to find the app in the Play Store and tap install. Once installed, you’ll need to set it as your default home manager. You can also change the icon layout on the home screen and add or remove widgets.

Getting access to the Google Discover page

The Google Discover page, sometimes known as Google Feed, is a news aggregation service that can help users find information about topics they care about. You can customize the feed content and the snippets displayed.

There are many ways to access the Google Discover page on your device. For example, some manufacturers offer a custom panel that replaces the stock feed panel, while other OEMs offer a built-in search screen on the -1 net.

Nova Launcher is one of the few third-party launchers with access to the Google Discover page. The Nova Launcher developers are working on adding more content and improving the feature.

Google Discover has three main parts: News, Weather, and Feed. Depending on your device, you may need to switch between them. To enable the feed, swipe left on the home screen.

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