Nothing Bundt Cake Fundraiser


Nothing Bundt Cakes hosts fundraising promotions whereby a percentage of sales and gratuities are donated to local nonprofit organizations. These fundraisers give these groups access to funds they require in order to continue operations.

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How Does It Work?

Nothing Bundt Cakes’ unique fundraising program gives back a percentage of sales from your event back to your group, giving a check 4-6 weeks after it for distribution to non-profit organizations looking for additional funds through events. This fundraiser can be ideal for non-profits seeking to maximize fundraising profits during events without needing to collect forms or money from supporters; use the Nothing Bundt Cakes Who Cares online form so they can order cakes before your event and pick them up on the night itself!

Nothing Bundt Cakes takes pride in supporting local charities and schools through fundraisers, in-store events, donations of cake and funds, and participation in business programs. In particular, the Berretts have chosen to focus their charitable giving on children’s hospitals like Ronald Mcdonald House Charities, Hope Lodge Hogle Zoo Primary Children Hospital, as well as helping to fundraise for Chamber of Commerce Business Women’s Forum luncheons that offer networking and professional development opportunities for women in business.

Nothing Bundt Cakes requires a relatively modest initial investment to open its restaurants, although this figure may differ from other bakery franchises. The company charges a franchise fee of $35,000 and requires at least $1.338,000 net worth, in addition to charging a royalty fee of 6.0% of revenues.

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Dine to Donate

Dine to Donate fundraisers offer groups and organizations looking to raise money through restaurant purchases an excellent option for raising money in an eatery setting. Events of this nature typically occur on a specific date/period, with a percentage of sales going back into supporting your cause – perfect for college clubs, PTAs, and more!

To organize a dine-to-donate event, all that’s necessary is to submit an online request form. This gives the bakery time to review your request and ensure it satisfies their guidelines, after which it’s approved. Then, you can start promoting the event! Gather up volunteers to spread the word and collect RSVPs; an ideal number of attendees would increase donations significantly.

Once your fundraiser is scheduled, send flyers out to all your supporters – either in person or via social media – as a means of increasing the total funds raised. Consider encouraging attendees to bring along another friend – this will only serve to improve the total amounts raised!

On the day of your event, guests must present a valid Dine to Donate flyer to their server in order for their purchase to count toward your donation total. All dine-in, carry-out, and catering purchases count.

Dine & Donate is a brand new initiative from Kearney Schools District Education Foundation (KSDEF) designed to support both Kearney students and its Education Foundation! Participating restaurants will donate a percentage of dine-in, carryout/delivery, and delivery sales directly to KSDEF, an excellent way for local businesses to demonstrate community support while expanding brand exposure! Participating companies will receive recognition on the KSDEF website with direct links to their business page and badge of participation window cling display for visibility in their establishments! Donations go directly towards KSDEF programs/grants supporting Kearney students!

Fundraise Online

A nothing bundt cake fundraiser gives your organization the ability to sell cakes and other sweets in order to raise funds for community events, with supporters ordering their favorites either online or at the bakery itself. An average order will bring in around $18, giving your group plenty of opportunity for success!

To organize a dine-to-donate fundraiser, first obtain permission from your local Nothing Bundt Cakes location. When planning the event, contact them and request a date before advertising it to your supporters in order to encourage attendance at your fundraising event and ensure it succeeds.

After your event is complete, You’ll receive a check from Nothing Bundt Cakes reflecting how much funds your organization raised at its fundraiser with them. Your organization can use these funds to further its mission; depending on how much was raised at that event, perhaps hosting another fundraiser at this bakery in the near future may also be an option.

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Order Forms

Nothing Bundt Cakes fundraisers can be an excellent way for schools or community groups to raise money. These fundraising efforts typically involve selling cakes from local bakeries on specific days or times and the bakery donating a percentage of sales proceeds back to your group. Such fundraisers have proven highly successful for a range of groups and organizations such as schools or clubs seeking funds for supplies or equipment; sports teams in need of uniforms for uniform and travel expenses; cultural arts associations looking for funds for performances or exhibitions; as well as environmental groups working toward conservation efforts.

Before participating in a Nothing Bundt Cakes fundraiser, groups must first obtain a fundraising form from either the bakery or its website and complete it accordingly. The state requires providing your group’s name, contact info, desired date, and location, as well as detailing what type and quantity of cakes will be sold during your event – this may range from full-sized bundles all the way down to individual bundtlets if applicable.

Once orders and payments have been collected, a group can manage them over several days or weeks and submit them all at once to Nothing Bundt Cakes’ bakery, which will tally up purchases and distribute proceeds accordingly.

However, many Nothing Bundt Cakes locations host fundraiser events in which all-day sales and gratuities are donated to local nonprofit organizations. In northern Colorado, for instance, Nothing Bundt Cakes hosts an annual Day of Giving that supports Pathways Hospice Provider and raises money for its services, such as grief counseling programs, outdoor healing gardens, and art therapy groups.

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