Northwest Arkansas Food Bank Needs Volunteers


As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, food banks have responded by expanding their offerings and implementing protocols to protect both staff and volunteers against infection.

Northwest Arkansas Food Bank in Springdale is raising funds to open a new facility in Lowell that will include an FDA-inspected protein processing clean room, coolers for dairy products, and an expanded volunteer base for healthy food initiatives.

Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month, an annual nationwide campaign designed to increase awareness and motivate action against hunger in America, both locally and nationally. One out of six Arkansas residents are food insecure.

Millions of Americans face daily decisions between eating or meeting other critical needs, such as paying rent or medical care, making each meal an act of desperation. That’s why NWA Food Bank and Feeding America food banks nationwide are working throughout this month to end hunger one meal at a time.

Joining our movement is easy: donate or volunteer. Additionally, you can participate in our efforts to ensure all Americans have access to nutritious food by encouraging Congress members to strengthen the 2023 Farm Bill and by wearing orange, painting landmarks orange, or promoting events that show your support of Feeding America food banks or NWA Food Banks in your local community. Or perhaps start your fundraiser to support local Feeding America food banks or NWA Food Banks!

Breaking Ground on New Hunger Relief Center in Lowell

“We are nearly out of space in our current building on June Self Drive in Springdale,” says Kent Eikenberry, president and CEO of Northwest Arkansas Food Bank. “We must build a larger facility.”

Lowell will soon see an expansion of its operations and programs through this new center, such as in-school food pantries for children, the inaugural Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program screening and enrollment fair, as well as a partnership with About Fresh — a Boston-based organization that operates retrofitted school buses as mobile markets to supply low-income residents with fresh fruit and vegetables – via retrofitted school bus markets called Fresh Boxes; About Fresh accepts donations as well as volunteers to deliver Fresh Boxes or assist running mobile markets – making these partnerships fruitful ones!

Eikenberry credits residents who understand and value the food bank’s mission as one reason for its success in reaching 95% of its goal in fundraising efforts for this project.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Food Bank relies heavily on volunteers to achieve its mission. We offer opportunities suitable for all ages and skill levels; if you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

The NWA Food Bank is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on any basis related to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or past or present membership in U.S. Uniformed Services. Volunteers should treat one another kindly and with respect.

Breakroom facilities are adjacent to the office restrooms and available for volunteers. However, volunteers should refrain from consuming anything other than bottled water in the warehouse, even if it has been discarded; chewing gum is strictly prohibited within its borders as well.

Jennifer enjoys giving back through volunteering her time and energy. She is a member of Fayetteville Metro Kiwanis and volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters; additionally, she serves on Womenade NWA’s Board of Directors and Purr Catfe’s Purr Catfe. Jennifer and her husband believe it’s essential for children to learn service as part of growing up – this belief extends to their four kids!

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