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Noble Knight Games is one of the premier local game stores. Offering a diverse selection of board and card games at reasonable prices, as well as rare, out-of-print titles and collectibles, Noble Knight Games provides customers with top-of-the-line entertainment!

After workers at Fitchburg’s Noble Knight Games announced their intent to unionize, the company accepted them voluntarily into its unionization efforts.

1. Sacred Knight of King Artorigus

Noble Knights are the reigning kings and are responsible for starting this archetype. This deck uses Noble Arms Equip Spells to summon monsters that destroy back row and have high ATK, making this popular until cards like Monarchs Stormforth, Creature Swap, and Kaijus began revealing its weaknesses.

Knights possess many tools to address their weaknesses, and Noble Arms, in particular, have some incredible support to back it up. One such card is Noble Knights of the Last Chapter, which can search your entire Graveyard for Noble Arms and equip them immediately; this simplifies launching combos!

Noble Knight Emperor Charles is another essential piece, providing 500 ATK when equipping it to an XYZ monster. Furthermore, Noble Knight Merlin can be tributed for Synchro Summoning any NK monster and is a three-of staple. Finally, Queen Gwenhwyfar stands out as a powerful Union monster that can be equipped from hand/GY to any NK monster and is unrivaled when provided from hand/GY.

Finally, the Sacred Knight of King Artorigus can be an incredibly potent rank 5 unit when equipped with Noble Arms; his secondary effect will reequip any Noble Arms in your grave to him when destroyed, making this powerful unit capable of producing 3000+ hits without being stopped by any back row. When Special Summoning one with Medraut, Borz, or Lancelot, they form an effective Noble Arms combo, and when equipped, it becomes even more devastating; be cautious, though, as this combination could create a field full of SKs that could easily win you the game.

2. Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake (sometimes also Vivienne or Nimue), an enchantress and powerful sorceress on the side of good, is most famous for presenting Arthur with Excalibur, as well as raising Sir Lancelot and his brothers at her castle beneath a lake in Avalon.

Over time, several women may have held this title; different interpretations of legend have cast other women for this role. However, the name first appears as such in Chretien’s cycle of Arthur poems and French chivalric romance prose written during the 13th century.

Early stories often describe her as a beautiful ghostly nymph with long black eyelashes, silver hair, and long black lips, which turn red when her power wanes. Her magic was predominantly water-based and was said to possess strong links with this element.

She can use the waters in her domain to create walls, transform a lake’s surface into solid ground, and craft magical weapons such as Excalibur. She remains highly loyal and will sacrifice everything for the sake of her king despite becoming lonely over time.

Modern 20th and 21st-century authors of Arthurian fiction often portray Merlin as an evil female opponent reminiscent of Morgan. For instance, the TV series Merlin includes two characters based on these archetypes, Vivienne and Morgan, respectively, while DC Comics features another character, Madame Xanadu.

3. Ignoble Knight of High Laundsallyn

Ignoble Knight of High Laundsallyn is a solid addition to the Noble Knight series, yet it may not meet expectations. This Dark attributed Level 5 Warrior Synchro Monster offers 2100 attack and 900 defense numbers, which are reasonable for its class; however, its conditional control means only one card can control it effectively – which makes him a hardy searcher of Noble Knight archetype cards when Synchro Summoned; then when this monster destroys an opponent monster during battle and sends it to Graveyard at the end of Battle Phase, then 1 card from your Deck will add one card from your Deck back into your hand from the deck – thus becoming searcher of Noble Knight archetype cards that is worth its weight in gold!

Noble Knights can make the most of this search ability with cards like Noble Arms – Destiny or Noble Arms – Caliburn as protection and stat boosters, making this monster even better at searching. Pairing this monster up with yesterday’s Lady of the Lake for an incredible search engine.

Though harder to summon than Artorigus, Artemis remains a powerful monster and an asset for Noble Knights. Pairing him up with other bosses strengthens search capabilities significantly. It should be included as part of any Noble Knight build – even those using Xyz would benefit from incorporating this monster!

4. Infernoble Knight of King Artorigus

As the King of Noble Knights, this card is an ideal way to begin any deck. He can assist your other knights while protecting against destruction – with plenty of support available like Infernoble Knight Eachtar, Noble Knight Maugis, and Noble Knight Captain Oliver, who can all search for him to search him out and build massive advantage by overthrowing opponents with monster effects or OTKs.

He can be equipped with a “Noble Arms” Equip Spell Card for added protection and synergy, while its graveyard effect helps you regain lost cards; just send one face-up LIGHT Normal Monster from your Deck into the Graveyard to activate this effect! While this effect remains active, your opponent cannot Normal Summon/Set or Special Summon monsters with that name or activate their monster effects. If this card is Xyz Summoned, you may target up to two “Noble Arms.” Equip Spell Cards of different characters from your Graveyard and equip them to this card (treat this as an Xyz Summon). In addition, during any Main Phase other than when this card was sent there, banish cards from your deck equal to the number of “Noble Arms” Equip Spells you own from GY (treat this as an Xyz Summon). This card allows you to make the most out of Knights!

Noble Knight Vanguard Roland, an incredible Tuner Synchro, can add additional knights. Furthermore, this gives you a fantastic opportunity to search for the Infernoble Knight Emperor – Charlemagne, who boasts some of the highest recursion in the game and can tutor all your Knights.

5. Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus

Noble Knights face many difficulties. Although numerous support cards should result in several viable strategies for building this deck, most Noble Knight makes are one-trick pony creates despite being some of the most imposing warriors in the game; their potential to compete well against other decks hasn’t come to fruition just yet.

Noble Knights can sometimes fall prey to their double-edged swords; Noble Arms – Excalibur can’t make Artorigus rank five the turn it’s sent into your graveyard; Noble Knight Medraut may struggle without a clear field; Last Chapter of the Noble Knights can often prove ineffective without multiple Equip Spell Cards from that archetype in your graveyard, though its effect might still be beneficial (although not often enough).

Noble Knights do have some positive aspects. One such card, the Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus, is genuinely unique and nearly impossible to take down; you can craft or purchase it using CP-URs in the Workshop, with odds being slim compared with more viable cards such as Isolde: Two Tales of Noble Knights Archetype which provides possible strategies in Noble Knights right now; although personally not fond of it – worth taking a look nonetheless.

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