Netflix Expands Into Mobile Games


Netflix is expanding into gaming by launching a library of mobile titles available through their existing Netflix app on Android and Apple iOS phones and devices. It is included with a subscription for all adult profiles but not children’s profiles.

These games are touch-based and designed for mobile phones. They can also be enjoyed offline.


Netflix subscribers can now experience an exciting mobile game courtesy of Poinpy, explicitly designed to take advantage of touch screens. This marks the Netflix-backed studio’s inaugural game release and its debut in mobile gaming.

Ojiro Fumoto, creator of Downwell, created an indie classic called Downwell, which featured vertical scrolling gameplay akin to this game. Still, instead of plunging a well, you are ascending it. He did away with its pixelated look in favor of cute and colorful graphics in this new title; you must still jump, collect food items, avoid or defeat enemies, and collect points! The gameplay remains similar: jump, collect items while dodging enemies, and take out those standing in your way.

The gameplay in Boom Beach is delightful, with each new character appearing on-screen adding to the challenge and delight. Bouncing feels just right, and abilities keep coming at the correct rate to keep players returning for more – even when being pursued by giant pursuers that roar so loudly they burp cartoon fire onto your screen, you can’t help but smile at its comical spectacle!

Netflix has made waves this year by introducing numerous new games onto their streaming service, such as Poinpy. They’ve also brought over popular mobile titles like Monument Valley by two games as well as free-to-watch versions of Spongebob Squarepants that won’t feature any in-app purchases – plus Spiritfarer by publisher Devolver Digital, Reigns: Three Kingdom from Nerial’s royal strategy series Reigns and Immortality from designer Sam Barlow who created 2015’s Her Story and Telling Lies will also come later.


Netflix finally made their gaming titles available in a small testing phase last week after years of anticipation, offering two games for PC, mobile phone, TV, and tablet users in both Canada and the UK – Oxenfree and Molehew’s Mining Adventure both are free titles on Netflix Game app now.

Oxenfree was initially created by Night School Studio and released to critical acclaim in 2016. The game follows Alex and Jonas, two newly formed stepbrothers who party with friends on an abandoned military island before opening up a haunted portal from its mysterious past – only for things to quickly turn deadly!

Oxenfree stands out from Netflix’s previous games as an indie hit with an established following, promising greater public interest and propelling it closer to the forefront of their platform. But can it persuade gamers that subscribing is worthwhile?

Oxenfree is one of many Netflix mobile offerings; other titles include popular hits like Twelve Minutes and Immortality and more casual offerings such as Nailed It! Baking Bash. Though these games add value, they won’t bring in as many subscribers to Netflix as desired.

Oxenfree could be the game that makes all this change; with its captivating plot, superb voice acting, and familiar premise, it provides an ideal entry point for players looking for new ways to pass their time in leisure time. Plus, it comes free on Netflix – giving it added visibility within gaming circles!

Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes, an interactive thriller starring James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe, has recently been added to Netflix’s game library. Joining Kentucky Route Zero and notable narrative games such as Reigns: Three Kingdoms Spiritfarer Cats & Soup Oxenfree, it can now be enjoyed across mobile devices by any subscriber to Netflix.

Annapurna Interactive’s Twelve Minutes is an interactive drama inspired by Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Verhoeven that explores human drama on an intimate scale. Players take control of a time loop mystery character who discovers new ways of engaging with his wife and apartment every run – such as how seemingly disparate items such as knives, photographs, or sleeping pills may be combined in different orders to open new conversational paths and deductive solutions.

Twelve Minutes’s charming setting, shocking character development, disturbing scenes, and unexpected twists elevate it beyond simple puzzle gaming. However, its gameplay feels somewhat off compared to other interactive storytelling titles; its best intentions aside, frequent frustrations arise due to visual goofs, pixelated points of interaction, or the order of events needing to be followed closely.

Netflix’s 2018 expansion of its games library continues with the debut of Kentucky Route Zero’s first episode. This episodic, narrative-driven point-and-click adventure adds another impressive mobile game release from them. Kentucky Route Zero provides an intense, disturbing, and challenging experience that forces players to consider some profound questions in a way few other titles do.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

Shovel Knight has quickly become a pillar of indie game culture, featuring platform fighters, Metroidvanias, and runners. Now he’s back with Pocket Dungeon – an action-puzzler/roguelike hybrid game that pays homage to NES-era pixelated 8-bit graphics while providing an additional dungeon-crawling element allowing players to shovel through an assortment of enemies while gathering supplies and taking on epic boss battles!

The game features over ten playable heroes with unique abilities and play styles. Heroes can team up to compete head-to-head against friends or other competitors in head-to-head matches. In addition, plenty of content such as Story Mode, two-player competitive Versus mode, Daily Challenges, and even Mercenary Shop keeps players busy for days on end!

Pocket Dungeon is a welcome addition to the Netflix games library and ideal for gamers seeking bite-sized gaming experiences. Each round takes approximately 30 minutes, making fitting several into a day or week simple and convenient. There are leaderboards and achievements for those wanting to further their explorations of this darkened land.

Even though the gameplay may seem repetitive sometimes, there are enough twists and turns to keep players interested. Sprites and music from the original game remain iconic while new controls feel intuitive, and the roguelike elements add an air of uncertainty as you don’t know what awaits you next!

Recent Netflix games that were recently released include Highwater, a top-down shooter with RPG and looter elements developed by Ustwo Games (creators of Monument Valley). Country Friends was another hit mobile title recently, providing users with Farmville-esque gameplay with increased content.

Laya’s Horizon

Snowman developed Laya’s Horizon – the team responsible for Alto’s Odyssey – as another high-quality gaming experience that can be had on mobile devices. Utilizing intuitive touch controls, players soar across landscapes, capturing their beauty with breathtaking visuals and immersive audio to provide a fascinating gameplay experience. Furthermore, both visuals and music combine for an enthralling gaming experience.

This Netflix title stands out with breathtaking, hand-painted landscapes and an innovative narrative puzzle game design. Players must explore a hand-painted landscape while solving various puzzles to help Laya find her way home – earning critical acclaim and high praise from players and reviewers alike for making one of the best netflix games to experience.

Like Oxenfree, this 2022 title from Night School Studio featured an intriguing narrative with an unexpected turn. Set in a fictional town rife with mystery, the adventure game takes place within its confines rather than offering nonstop action-packed gameplay as many other adventure titles do.

Though it doesn’t offer as many adventure games, this one still makes for an excellent phone or tablet experience. Created by Damp Knat, this arcade-style shooter allows players to fly across the globe using their jetpack. Furthermore, its free download provides plenty of gameplay opportunities.

Formerly known as Asphalt Xtreme, this game was pulled from both app stores earlier this year and released exclusively with Netflix Games. This version improves upon the previous one by eliminating microtransactions many had complained about in earlier reviews of its previous incarnation. It is perfect for players of all skill levels!