Muji Neck Pillow Review


Muji Neck Pillow is a combo sleeper

The Muji Neck Pillow has a natural latex core and a cotton cover that is machine-washable in a gentle setting. This pillow will cradle your neck and head without sinking too deeply. It also features a removable inner sleeve for adjusting the comfort level. This pillow is great for combo sleepers and is a good price.

The fill of pillow is made of mulberry silk strands, which provide a plush cushioning for your head without sacrificing support or sinking too far under your weight. The pillow is completely machine washable and comes in both standard and king sizes.

It has a 100-night sleep trial

The Muji Neck Pillow is made of natural cotton, which is moisture-wicking and breathable. It has two layers, one with a plush core and the other with a firmer fill. The pillow is fully washable and covered by a removable, machine-washable cover. The manufacturer also offers a 3-year warranty.

This pillow has a 100-night sleep trial. Its curved shape provides plenty of space for the shoulders and contours the neck well. It is adjustable and comes with a washable cotton cover.

It is supportive

The Muji Neck Pillow has a unique design that is very versatile. It can be used as a neck pillow, a hip cushion, or even side support. It is also adjustable and comes with an attached strap. The cover is also made of good quality material. This versatile neck pillow is ideal for traveling.

This pillow is made of memory foam and features a washable cover. It is lightweight and contains a bead-filled insert that supports the neck. You can also clip it to your suitcase and keep it safe when you’re not using it. It has received positive reviews from customers and has a four-star average rating on Amazon.

It is bulky

The Original Muji Neck Pillow is soft, comfortable, and adjustable. Its clip allows you to attach it to a backpack, suitcase, or bag. It sells for about $33 but is currently on sale for $25. It comes in blue and red colors and is also available as a reusable version.

It is expensive

If you’re in the market for a new neck pillow, you might be wondering if you should purchase a MUJI Neck Pillow or settle for a cheaper option. The two pillows have a similar design and are about the same price, but the differences in materials and construction are noticeable. The main difference between the two pillows is the filling. MUJI pillows are filled with down, and their counterparts are filled with plastic granular filling.

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