Montane Icarus Jacket Review


The Montane Icarus Jacket is a mid-weight down-filled jacket that feels warmer than down alternatives. It uses a similar baffle pattern and has a wicking Peaq Eco inner lining, but the jacket is also prone to overheating when you’re actively working out. The jacket also boasts a deep chest pocket and two hand-warmer pockets in the front. Both are the same width.

550 fill power down

The Montane Icarus Jacket is an impressive piece of jacket technology, combining synthetic insulation with the warmth of 550 fill power down. This jacket excels in wetter conditions when worn under an outer shell. It doesn’t clump or lose insulation when wet and dries quickly. Despite its synthetic filling, this jacket maintains a high level of breathability.

The Icarus is particularly warm, as the solid fabric lining helps to prevent cold drafts and block wind. This keeps the warm air inside, preventing the wearer from feeling clammy. However, this jacket isn’t the lightest and can sometimes feel a little sweaty.

Pertex Quantum ECO fabric

The Pertex Quantum ECO fabric used for the Montane Icarus Jacket is water-repellent and windproof, and the lightweight ThermoPlume synthetic fill is incredibly warm. It also features a brushed micro fleece chin guard for added warmth, and stretch bound cuffs for a snug fit.

The Pertex Quantum Eco outer fabric is made of recycled materials. The recycled content helps it repel water, making it perfect for cold mountain conditions. It also helps it dry quickly. The Pertex Quantum Eco outer fabric is also DWR-treated for waterproofing. This makes it perfect for hiking and mountain climbing in changing weather conditions.

This fabric is lightweight and breathable. It also features a tight-woven construction, which makes it very soft and light. This allows Pertex Quantum to trap still air and maximize insulation efficiency. It also has a water-repellent finish, which sheds light rain and provides extra weather protection.

Micro baffle construction

The micro baffle construction of Montane’s Icarus Jacket offers a range of benefits. This construction prevents excess fill from clumping together and provides even distribution of warmth throughout the jacket. This construction also gives the jacket an extremely sleek appearance. In addition to reducing the weight of the jacket, micro baffles also keep the jacket dry and breathable.

The Micro baffle construction of Montane’s Icarus Jacket combines the benefits of synthetic insulation with down insulation for reliable warmth in cold weather. While down remains the gold standard for warmth, synthetic insulation has come a long way. Primaloft ThermoPlume is a good synthetic option, and it has a small window of use for maximum effectiveness.


The Montane Icarus Jacket is an insulated, lightweight jacket that offers good breathability and warmth. The outer shell is made from Pertex Quantum ECO fabric, and the liner is made of 100% recycled PEAQ synthetic ECO fabric. Both are fast-drying and breathable, and both contain the ThermoPlume filling. The lining has narrow baffles that provide good freedom of movement.

The outer fabric is made of Pertex Quantum Eco, which offers excellent weather resistance, but is soft to the touch. It also has a pre-set elastic hood and storm flap behind the main zip, which can create a micro-climate within the jacket.

Ideal for layering

The Montane Icarus Jacket has a lightweight, stretchy shell made from Pertex Quantum Eco. This breathable fabric has DWR technology for extra water resistance. This jacket also has an inner lining made from 100% recycled PEAQ synthetic ECO fabric. Its streamlined construction allows for easy layering.

While it is not as warm as an 800-fill down jacket, it provides ideal insulation for most situations. It also provides wind protection, and is a lightweight windbreaker. It does not pack down as small as a down jacket, but it weighs less than 600 grams. This makes it a good value for money.

Other features include a hood that can be worn under a helmet and hand pockets. It is also designed with good zips and pullers and good construction. The price of the jacket is mid-range, and it provides great warmth and breathability. Its only major flaw is its weight. However, this only matters if you’re packing it in a multi-day hiking pack.

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