Markerstudy Insurance Reviews


Markerstudy is one of the largest insurance groups in the UK and works with over 1,000 brokers. It owns brands such as Brightside Insurance, Insurance Factory, Auto Windscreens, VisionTrack, and Zenith Insurance.

The group is also known for its investment in technology and underwriting expertise. For example, it has been working with DataRobot to improve its machine-learning capabilities in determining insurance pricing.

Customer Service

Markerstudy Insurance Services Limited, the UK’s most prominent managing general agent, has invested in technology from analytics leader SAS to support its strategy of profitable and sustainable growth. The solution enables Markerstudy to harness the most advanced data science capabilities to improve underwriting profitability, gross written premium, and claims management while offering opportunities to offer customer insight, optimized pricing, fraud detection and investigation, and risk management with real-time decisions across all business areas.

Markerstudy is a 5,000-strong company that has grown through organic development and acquisition. In 2020, it acquired Co-op Insurance’s underwriting business, in 2021, it purchased Brightside Insurance. It is headquartered in Kent and works with more than 1,000 brokers and intermediaries in the UK. Markerstudy Group has also committed to various corporate social responsibility initiatives, including improving employees’ well-being and working conditions, supporting charity fundraising activities, and applying fairness and integrity in customer service. The company has a clear vision, ‘V10’ values, and a ‘Motiv8’ committee that prioritizes its staff’s wellbeing.


Markerstudy Insurance Reviews offers a range of telematics-based policies. Their telematics app lets drivers review their driving scores and share them with friends or family.

Its VisionTrack telematics device, launched in 2015, won the Gartner Financial Services Eye on Innovation award for Most Innovative Digital Customer Service or Product. It uses a camera to recognize when drivers are yawning or looking at their phones and alerts them to dangerous situations such as tailgating.

The company says the device helps reduce road accidents and injuries by spotting unsafe driving behavior, such as speeding or yawning behind the wheel, and assisting people to claim if they cause an accident. Its latest version, 1st CENTRAL Connect, is linked to a smartphone app in less than five minutes.

The firm’s telematics policy is available to young, convicted drivers and those with previous claims. It also offers a bespoke non-standard car insurance solution for high-profile clients such as movie stars, allowing them to drive and use their vehicles as they please.

Policy Options

Markerstudy Insurance Reviews provides its customers a range of policy options, including standard private car insurance and cover for high-performance motors, expensive imports, kit cars, horseboxes, and more. It works with over 1,000 UK brokers and intermediaries, ensuring that you find a policy that suits your needs.

The company has a strong reputation in the market and is known for its niche products. It was founded in 2001 and is owned by Kevin Spencer, the ‘group’s chief executive officer, and majority shareholder. He is joined by group underwriting director Gary Humphrey. The group has grown organically and through acquisitions, including the Co-op Insurance underwriting business in 2020 and Brightside Group in 2021. It has also acquired BGL Insurance, a leading distributor of insurance to 3 million customers, and Clegg Gifford, Lloyd’s broker. This further accelerates the company’s growth plans, subject to regulatory approval. It is an accredited Investor in People–Gold with over 5,000 employees.


Markerstudy Group is a UK-based insurer that provides insurance products for a wide range of customers. The company has made many acquisitions over the years and now owns several brands across the insurance spectrum. These include Geoffrey Insurance, Brightside Insurance, and Insurance Factory – one of the largest pet insurance platforms in the country – as well as complementary businesses such as Auto Windscreens and Vision Vehicle Solutions.

The company uses new technology from analytics leader SAS to improve its risk, underwriting, and claims processes and accelerate growth plans. The platform will enable the company to harness the latest data science capabilities for real-time decisioning, optimized pricing, customer insight, claims automation, and fraud detection. It will also allow Markerstudy to scale quickly with each new acquisition or organic growth at short notice. The group is a leading provider of insurance services to both commercial and private individuals and works with more than 1,000 broker partners.

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