How to Spice Up Farmhouse Mantel Decor


If you are trying to create a warm and cozy farmhouse mantel, you can use layers of textures and items to create a beautiful centerpiece. For example, three wooden frames stacked vertically form a focal point on your mantel. This layering effect can also be applied to topiaries and books.

Adding a statement piece

One of the best ways to spice up your farmhouse mantel decor is to add a statement piece to the space. If you don’t want to buy a full-fledged sconce or picture frame, you can choose simple, yet stunning accessories to complement your fireplace. Decorative vases and candlesticks are also great options for mantel decor. You can also use figurines, mirrors, and planters to create a unique look. The main piece of decor should be placed first, and other items, such as small vases, candle holders, and figurines, can be placed in the middle.

A vintage doily is another inexpensive way to create a statement piece for your farmhouse mantel decor. It looks great paired with beads and sculptural objects and won’t break your budget. An empty plant pot also looks great on the mantel and adds rustic charm.

Adding a hanging garland

Adding a hanging garland to your farmhouse mantel decor is an easy and inexpensive way to add seasonal color and charm. A galvanized metal and cherry-red plaid ribbon garland will add an earthy feel to your living room. Depending on the theme of your mantel, you can use different colours or a different kind of ribbon.

You can also try using blue garland as a way to break the usual holiday colour palette. This is the look Anna Franklin of the Stone House Collective pulled off brilliantly. She paired gingham bows with matching monogrammed stockings. Another look that’s equally charming is Keith Smythe Meacham’s super sweet party mantel. Another look you can try is to pair a pair of stockings with a bell.

Adding a framed portrait

Adding a framed portrait to your farmhouse mantel decor is a simple way to add a personal touch to the space. A framed portrait can be purchased online or you can DIY your own. Framed photos of family members are a great way to add sentimental value to the space.

A framed portrait is an easy way to bring personality to any room, and it will add an elegant touch to the room. This style is also appropriate during the holidays when you want to add a festive theme. You can also add seasonal art prints that match the colour scheme of the holiday season. Children’s drawings are also a great choice for adding a playful feel to your space. Try a foil-pressed framed print of your child’s work.

If you’re considering putting up a portrait above a fireplace, consider how it will complement the color scheme of your home. For example, a black-and-white photograph would look great on a white fireplace or black mantel. Similarly, an oversized abstract painting would intensify a contemporary-style room. A picture of a country farmhouse scene could be an excellent choice.

Adding a sage planter

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to incorporate a sage planter into your farmhouse mantel decor, consider using an old paint can as the planter base. You can paint the wood black for a more dramatic effect, or leave it natural to create a rustic look. Another option is to use an antique wooden washtub as a planter base. Fill the bottom with soil and old-fashioned flowers, and secure the lid to prevent damage.

A planter made from metal or wood is also a wonderful option. This type of planter is both weatherproof and durable, so it can be moved around and used again. You can even use it to grow your favourite fruit and vegetables!

Adding a trophy head

Farmhouse mantels are often adorned with large paintings. However, a simple trophy head can also add a traditional touch to the decor. This decor element is an alternative to a mirror or artwork and creates a spotlight of its own. A trophy head does not necessarily have to be a real trophy; it can be carved out of wood and displayed on a mantel.

An antique trophy head is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to farmhouse mantel decor. You can also place it in front of a framed chalkboard sign that you can change with the seasons. You can also add a carved trophy on a pedestal to complete the look.

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