How to Save Money on My Food Days


Whether it’s just pizza on Fridays or an intensive school lunch program, we make managing it simple for you and your vendors. Automated reports keep everyone up-to-date.

View your active orders on your Account Homepage, make payments using credit/debit/PayPal or PayPal, and return any unused balances at any time.

2. Variety

Variety in our diet provides essential vitamins and minerals, providing us with the energy needed for living life to its fullest. Remembering the “Eat your colors” message from grade school can be helpful: green vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals; orange and red veggies offer fiber and vitamins; while fruits contain natural sugar.

Pay for My Food Days

Once logged into the system, navigate to “Account,” followed by “Payments,” or your school may have configured this as its homepage to access payments. You can add funds from either credit/debit/PayPal and make them available for future orders.

Suppose your children are already registered in the system. In that case, you can quickly review open orders, print or download them to your calendar, change Account Settings (add or change children, homeroom, or school), manage email preferences, and update phone number/password details.

4. Money Saving

Food costs can comprise a large portion of household budgets, so saving as much money on your daily food expenditure is wise. Pay attention to sales and coupons at local grocery stores as well as discount food outlets such as Amish/Mennonite markets or bulk store chains in your area to maximize savings.

Another excellent way to save money is using what’s already in your fridge or pantry. Nothing’s worse than coming across moldy cucumbers or forgotten peaches at the back of the refrigerator, so use what you already have before purchasing more groceries!

Utilize local food vendors and school districts to manage free & reduced lunch programs with our online platform, making the task simpler for both. Create automated reports to keep everyone up-to-date – both you and the food vendors!

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