How to Make Potions of Weakness in Minecraft


Potions of Weakness are specialized potions used to reduce melee damage. To make one, combine a Water Bottle and Fermented Spider Eye in one of the lower slots on a Brewing Stand.

Gunpowder can be found in village chests or jungle temples or crafted using Creepers that explode.

1. Fermented Spider Eye

Potion of Weakness is one of the most valuable potions in the game, offering temporary damage reduction to mobs when engaged with brutal enemies or performing speed runs. Furthermore, its effect may help provide players with additional health or armor when needed – a temporary boost when health or armor levels drop dramatically during battles.

To craft an effective weakness potion, players need to collect these ingredients:

First, players need a glass bottle of water, which can be found as drops or created. Next comes gathering sugar and brown mushrooms for crafting into Fermented Spider Eye – one of the game’s more challenging ingredients – using sugar and brown mushrooms as glue when picking in the game. Gunpowder must also be obtained by crafting three cobblestones or defeating an exploding Creeper in the Nether.

Once the ingredients are ready, players need to place Blaze Powder in the far left box of their Brewing Stand before adding water and Fermented Spider Eye into the other two boxes and waiting for their potion to form. Players will hear three “glugs” when finished, and Spider Eye will vanish from gameplay.

By drinking the potion, players will become temporarily weak for 1:30 minutes in JE (1:07 minutes in Bedrock). While their health won’t change significantly, their movement speed and throwing ability may dramatically reduce.

Though potions of healing may be effective, players should note that taking no action at all still results in damage being sustained – an issue when facing difficult enemies in-game. To combat this situation effectively and remain on the move without taking too much damage from non-movement damage to themselves and enemies alike, use Potions of Healing instead to quickly recover health while taking advantage of its effects – this way, players remain on the move while benefitting from its products!

2. Water Bottles

Though its purpose may seem counterintuitive, the Potion of Weakness makes an excellent addition to any player’s inventory. When consumed, it reduces melee attack damage by four hearts in Java Edition or 20% and 0.25 hearts (quarter of nature).

Starting this potion recipe requires a Water Bottle from Glass Blocks at any crafting table or water source block (e.g., a cauldron or infinite water generator). Next comes Fermented Spider Eye and Blaze Powder as advanced brewing ingredients requiring completing the Nether Quest; lastly, Gunpowder, which drops from Creepers or hostile mobs, is added for good measure!

To create a splash potion of weakness, place water bottles (up to three) into the lower rows of your Brewing Stand and fill each one until its white arrow fills with liquid. After filling, insert Fermented Spider Eye and Blaze Powder into their left-hand slots; once brewing has completed, you can turn it into a splash potion by adding Gunpowder into its recipe after initial production.

Splash Potions of Weakness have become consumable items that can be thrown at enemies to temporarily weaken them and allow more powerful melee attacks without incurring extra damage. When used with Golden Apples, these potions can even restore Zombie Villagers to normal status!

As with all potions, these effects are temporary and won’t last very long in the game unless refreshed or given longer-lasting boosts with Redstone Dust. Players should have enough Splash Potions of Weakness in their inventory for survival world or hardcore mode use; throw one at zombie villager enemies to debuff their attack damage for about 1:30 minutes!

3. Gunpowder

Minecraft offers many options to enhance your abilities. Some, like Night Vision or Water Breathing Potions, can be used defensively to move through darker areas more easily. In contrast, other potions, such as Weakness Potion, can be used offensively to decrease an enemy’s attack damage – a beneficial tactic if facing off against an invincible mob!

Create the potion by placing a Fermented Spider Eye, Water Bottle, and Gunpowder into your brewing stand. These ingredients are relatively easy to find in Minecraft. Gunpowder can be obtained by killing Creepers that spawn in dark areas such as caves or the Nether; alternatively, it may be located inside chests made by jungle temples, desert temples, or village chests.

Once you’ve collected all the ingredients, use your brewing stand to combine them into the Potion of Weakness that can be thrown at enemies to reduce attack damage. However, this effect only works against one opponent simultaneously, so beware of where and when you throw it.

For an alternative version, add gunpowder to the ingredient list in your brewing stand to transform this potion into a Splash Potion of Weakness that can debuff attack damage of enemies who come within its radius.

Making a potion from scratch is an intensive and time-consuming task that requires many materials. One method for producing such brews is setting up a Creeper farm in the Netherlands, where you can collect blaze rods and gunpowder by killing Creepers; however, this should only be attempted in areas with adequate ventilation. Alternatively, players can use a brewing table to mix wood ash, manure, straw, bat guano, and stale urine into a mixture for making this potion; however, this process can take up to 10 months of work than simply killing off Creepers!

4. Blaze Powder

There are a variety of potions in Minecraft that can provide players with various benefits, from slowing enemies or reducing the damage values of items to helping with survival challenges. One such brew is Potion of Weakness, which has a beneficial ability that makes it worthwhile to any player when time is of the essence – helping make inaccessible areas much simpler to access!

Players must craft several ingredients, such as Sugarcane, Brown Mushrooms, Spider Eyes, and Gunpowder, to create the Potion of Weakness. However, Unlike most potions, this one doesn’t require a Nether Wart for brewing. Instead it can be made quickly with water bottles containing ingredients needed for this recipe and an efficient brewing stand for faster creation time.

Blaze powder can be challenging to locate in this recipe. Players can craft it using a crafting table or collect looted blaze rods from mobs (with 50% chances to drop when killed) that spawn in caves and dark oak forest biomes. Once players have all their necessary ingredients, they should place the powder into the bottom box of their brewing stand and set their water bottle into its upper slot to begin the brewing process.

Once the brewing process is completed, players should hear three “glugs” of liquid, signaling that their potion is ready to be consumed or turned into a splash potion using gunpowder. This latter option won’t affect them directly but instead, apply a weakness debuff to enemies that come in contact with it.

Brewers can use splash potions to reduce enemy damage, making it easier to kill them off quickly. This strategy can prove especially helpful during early survival game stages as iron golems and other formidable enemies become much safer to battle.

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